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Washington is a part of the Northwest region, which includes the states and/or territories of:

Alaska / Idaho / Montana / Oregon / Washington / Wyoming.

Mapping resources


Before editing the maps in Washington, be sure to fully review and understand the editing manual.

The Waze user community follows the Waze etiquette guidelines discussed in the Wiki. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these guiding principals while editing the maps and this Wiki, as well as when communicating with other Waze users.

GIS Resources

See Washington/Resources for GIS info and other specific WA info.

Functional Classification

All of the state's roads are typed and set according to WSDOT functional classification. Washington follows the Functional Classification (FC) system for both state and non-state roads. This change from the previous road-typing guidance was changed in September 2014. Please cross reference using the functional classification table

If you want to know more about the Federal Functional Classification check the Functional Classification article.



The Waze forum is a great place to find answers to previously asked questions and also a place to ask new ones. Below are links to the forums specific to Washington.

Area Managers for Washington can be found in the table below.

New editors should consider checking into the formal mentoring program available at no charge.

Discord - Waze NWR Editors

Discord is a all in one voice text chat that's free for anyone to use. We are moving away from Google hangouts (GHO) and encourage editors to use the discord channel. Join NWR Discord

Discord - Waze NA

This is the North America waze channel we encourage editors to join but not required. Join Waze NA Discord

(CCP) Connected Citizens Program

Information to Help connect on what Government agencies have been contacted about the Connected Citizens Program

Cities and towns


One of the most common errors when editing the maps is when an editor creates a road and does not confirm the road by setting the city and road name (or stating it has none).

Duplicate cities can be caused by incorrectly named segments and should be corrected following the guidelines in the duplicate cities article.

The way that cities are assigned to segments in WME has impacts both to visual app behavior and address searchability. The Primary City controls how city areas and names are displayed in the mobile app. Missing necessary Alternate Cities may negatively influence address searchability. No segments with addresses should ever be left with no Primary or Alternate City. Please follow these guidelines when assigning Primary and Alternate Cities to segments.

Setting the Primary City

  • If a segment is on the border of or within the limits of an incorporated municipality, the segment's Primary City shall be set to that municipality.
    • If a segment is on the border of two incorporated municipalities, it is the editor's discretion which one to set as Primary City.
  • If a segment is outside of an incorporated municipality, but is on the border of or within the limits of a Census Designated Place (CDP), the segment's Primary City shall be set to that CDP.
    • If a segment is on the border of two CDPs, it is the editor's discretion which one to set as Primary City.
  • If a segment is not within or on the border of any municipality or CDP, the segment's Primary City shall be set to None (checkbox).

When to set one or more Alternate Cities

  • If a segment is on the border of two incorporated municipalities, add an Alternate City for the municipality not used as the segment's Primary City
  • If a segment is on the border of two CDPs, add an Alternate City for the CDP not used as the segment's Primary City
  • If a segment is within a "USPS City" (ZIP Code area) that is named differently than the segment's Primary City or any Alternate Cities, add an Alternate City matching the "USPS City".


  • A segment within the city limits of Shoreline and within ZIP Code 98155 (Seattle) shall have a Primary City of Shoreline and an Alternate City of Seattle.
  • A segment on the border between the CDPs of Brush Prairie and Five Corners, and within ZIP Code 98662 (Vancouver), shall have a Primary City of either Brush Prairie or Five Corners, with the other set as an Alternate City, and shall also have an Alternate City of Vancouver.

Residential Place Points

For best search results in the app, Residential Place Points (RPPs) should be set to the "USPS City". Use care when approving RPP requests submitted via the app, because they will be set to the Primary City of the closest segment by default.

City Editing Resources

There are several scripts available for use within WME to assist you in determining which Primary City and Alternate Cities may be appropriate for any area. Please check with local editing leadership via Discord for guidance and training in the use of these scripts.

Washington City Resource Links

Major roads

4lane road icon.png

Washington follows the general road naming and road type guidelines of the USA.

State Highway Naming

Washington Highway

State highways are to be named SR-###

Washington State highways should be current to our wiki standard, if you see one that doesn't seem right contact one of the SM's.

County Road Naming

Wyoming County
County roads with the name designation of "County Road ##" or "Co Rd ##" are to be named in Waze as CR-##. This shortened version takes up less space on the map screen and is announced correctly as "County Road ##" while navigating with the Waze app.

Locking Standard

In Washington we have a set minimum standard for locking roads based on segment type. Any road of a certain segment type must be locked at least to the rank (level) in the chart below. Roads may be locked higher for protection and special situations (areas with construction, tricky design, frequent mistakes, imaging inaccuracies, and the like), but should not be locked lower.

A great time to implement these locks is while bringing the road types of an area into compliance with the current US road type standards (FC and highway systems). Lock the roads based on type after they've been set to current US road type standards.

Washington Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type Statewide
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  5
 Major Highway  3
 Minor Highway  3
 Primary Street  2
 Street  1
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2

Note: Certain roads may be locked higher than the above minimums. Please do not lower locks unless approved by the RC or SM of Washington.

Road Elevations

These are the general guidelines for elevation in Washington:

  • Drivable and non-drivable segments are handled the same way with elevation.
  • Set elevation to ground in most cases.
    • Segment(s) passing over other segment(s), rivers, major waterways, and all bridges shall have higher elevation, relative to ground.
    • Only elevate/lower the actual bridge/tunnel section of the road.
    • Elevation of overlapping segments should be set relative to each other, with the lowest segment as Ground (unless a tunnel).
    • Tunneled segments shall have lower elevation, relative to ground.
    • Only segments that "cannot see the sky" should have negative elevation (i.e. tunnels).
    • Only set elevation as low/high as necessary.
  • If you use the Bridge tool to join segments, be aware that it raises the elevation of the joined segment. Lower the joined segment as appropriate.
  • "True Elevation" guidelines apply to elevation in Washington.
    • Bridges should be cut at the start/end of the bridge.
    • Tunnels should be cut at least 15m/50ft before and after the tunnel, to allow time for the GPS to regain signal.
    • Do not cut segments for elevation purposes if the bridge/tunnel starts/stops within 60m/200ft of an existing junction.

Junction Style Guide

When editing roads please note that you do not need to perfectly match the street view. Simple is better. Local guide is as follows.

  • Local streets do not need u turns unless a sign is posted. Waze will automatically reroute without a u-turn via dead end segment. Adding these will only make routing more complicated.
  • Local streets that have small courts on the side of the road do not need to be mapped unless its over 50ft. In that case a single node without a making a loop or u turn will help route correctly to those houses. Example
  • Here is small court were a node is not needed. Example
  • Washington follows USA guidance with Turn instruction override(TIO's) Turn_instruction_override Any TIO edit of a freeway/ramp/major highway must be approved by the SM's or CHAMPS.

Washington follows the US wiki USA/Junction_Style_Guide

Speed Limits

Washington follows the US wiki Speed_limits/USA for adding speed limits to the map.

Local guidance will be listed on the Washington speed limit page Washington/Speed limits

Special roads

Drivable roads

Washington follows the standard USA guidelines for all of the following special road types.

Non-drivable roads

Review the Wiki guidelines for non-drivable roads to ensure compliance with the general guidelines.


  • Alleys should always be mapped if they have a name.
  • Alleys should always be mapped if they are the sole access to a home or business.
  • Alleys should always be set to "Parking Lot Road"
  • Some alleys mapped before these guidelines are mapped as "Private Road". It is okay to change these to "Parking Lot Road".
  • Alleys are normally mapped if they are acknowledged by the municipality.

If an alley does not meet the above criteria, mapping is optional. Leave the name field blank. Always disable the straight turn restriction from one alley to another when it crosses another road to prevent alleys from being overly used in routing.


See the Driveways article for more details.

  • Driveways are always marked as private road
  • Driveways are mapped if they are 50m (164 feet or about half a football field) or longer Example
  • Driveways are mapped if they are close but not connected to adjacent street Example
  • Driveways are mapped if they are serving two or more addresses Example
  • Driveways that have names can be added. These still need to be set to private road.Example


When mapping roundabouts in Washington state, it is important to know the difference between roundabouts and traffic circles. Traffic circles are small circles to help slow traffic at intersections.

Here are some examples of traffic circlesː [1][2][3]

Here are some examples of roundaboutsː [4][5][6]

In Washington, we usually only map roundabouts. We don't map traffic circles unless:

  • Specific directions are needed to navigate the traffic circle (i.e. more instructions than just turn right or turn left)
  • If the traffic circle is on a Primary Street with high traffic or higher road type(contact a SM for traffic circles on primary streets)
  • The traffic circle is larger than 12m.

Dead end segments

Dead ends should all have nodes on the dead end side of the segment. It was possible in older versions of WME to add a road with a dead end and no node. As of July 2014, U-turns at dead ends or cul-de-sacs, no longer need to be adjusted in a particular way. WME no longer provides a link to adjust it. Please make sure U-Turns on the end of cul-de-sac with private driveways are Not Allowed. Example

Non-drivable roads

See Non-driveable roads for guidance that may not be universal to all other states and territories.

Parking lot roads

Washington State uses the following standard guidelines found in the Wiki. Parking lot road Please follow them.

Forest service roads

Forest Service Roads should be built according to Forest Service Roads.

Based on the conditions and climate of Washington, Usually the main FSR is marked Primary Street. (Example: FS-2800) Usually the Spurs of the Main FSR is Street. (Example: FS-2875) Usually the Spurs of the Spurs are Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail (Example: FS-2875050, FS-2875053)

See To Do Washington for Washington FSR mapping updates.


When managing a section of roadway under construction or being closed for a major event, follow the Wiki guidelines on construction zones and Real time closures.

Road Closures

This section contains details about long term or seasonal road closures currently in place in Waze, usually through disconnecting of segments to prevent Waze from routing along a certain stretch of road. If you perform a closure in Waze, please document it here so other area managers can ensure the roads are reconnected at the appropriate time.

Road Name Editor Closed Date Est Open Date Links and comments

GENERAL NOTE: If you need a closure the segment can not be edited since the last tile update. Do not update a segment then ask for a closure.


Washington follows the USA standard for Places. Do not deviate from the guidelines without first obtaining consensus to do so via the state forum linked on this page.

Washington has a lot unique guidelines for mapping Places. Please see Washington/Places for guidance in Washington that may not be universal to all other states and territories.

Washington follows the USA guidelines for Parking lot places (PLA's). Places/Parking_lot


Not every camera-looking device at an intersection is a speed or red light camera. Generally speaking:

  • Camera2true.png
    Rlc truvelo speed cam.jpeg
    a speed camera takes a photograph of a vehicle when it passes by the camera at too high a speed.
  • Camera4true.png
    Rlc white.jpeg
    a red light camera takes a photograph of a vehicle that enters an intersection after the light is red. In some areas, it takes the photograph when a vehicle is not clear of the intersection some period after the light turns red.

Be sure to know your cameras before accepting new camera reports.

When adding a camera, be sure to review the camera placement recommendations.

Laws regarding speed and red light cameras vary between the states and territories, so be sure to understand the details of camera legality in Washington.

Please see for specific guide to mapping cameras in Washington: Washington/Cameras

Here is the current list of mapped cameras in Washington

RRC Alerts in NWR

National Guidance for RRC Alerts is currently in development.

Attempting to provide a consistent user experience and decrease "nuisance" alerts, the State Managers of NWR have agreed upon the following:

♦Any crossing where the rails have been removed and/or paved over should not have an alert regardless of gates or warning devices still in place.
♦Any crossing marked out of service by mutcd standards (https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/htm/2009/part8/part8b.htm) should not have an alert. (This includes "tracks not in service" signs and the removal/hooding/etc of gates and warning devices.)
♦Any crossing where the rails still cross the pavement and has signs/gates/warning devices in place should have an alert, even if the removal of rails/track at another location renders the crossing in question impossible for a train to reach - for a consistent user experience there should be an alert at any crossing that appears legitimate to the driver.

To do list

To do list.png

Many states and territories keep an active list of pending or closed actions that need to be done in the state by the editors. All editors are welcome to contribute to the list of activities.

See Washington/To do for guidance in Washington that may not be universal to all other states and territories.

Area Managers

The table below identifies the editors also designated as Area Managers or higher who are editing in Washington. If you have any questions, please consider contacting them directly as needed. If you are an Area Manager that covers Washington, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Washington, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username) in the correct rank section.

The editor who also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Washington is automatically listed at the top of the table. That editor may not be highly active in this state and therefore may not be listed separately in the table.

Washington — Area, State, Country Managers, and Regional Coordinators
Regional Coordinator(s):
[RC] SunnyRaynbows (PM [Help])  Profile L6.png
[ARC1] FzNk (PM [Help])  Profile L6.png
Username Area Managed Comments
Country Managers (Northwest region)
(Add to or edit Country and State sections of table)
FzNk(6) [PM [Help]] Profile L6.png Countrywide Badge LocalChamp.png
State Managers (Northwest region)
dude463(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Northwest Region Badge StateManager.png
Resident of state
SeveriorumPatrem(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Statewide and PDX Metro Badge StateManager.pngBadge AreaManager.png
Resident of state
NJMedic2535(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Statewide Badge StateManager.png
Resident of state
SM of New Jersey
State Managers - Emeritus
Area Managers
(Add to or edit this section)
[[[:Template:FULLURL:]]#Area_Managers  Press here to return to the Area Managers table to see your changes ]
j-d-(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Statewide Badge AreaManager.png
jr1982jr(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Seattle/Tacoma area Badge StateManager.pngBadge Mentor.png
NWR & MAR Collaboration
nidnarb(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Northwest Region Badge StateManager.png
Resident of state
ojlaw(6) [PM [Help]] Profile L6.png
Avatar ojlaw.jpg
Countrywide Badge LocalChamp.pngBadge CountryManager.pngBadge StateManager.pngBadge Mentor Local Champ.png
red-nax(5) [PM [Help]] Profile L5.png Spokane County Badge StateManager.png
NWR & SER Collaboration
taylorcrossing(4) [PM [Help]] Profile L4.png Tri-Cities / Walla Walla / Pullman / Moscow / Lewiston Longview Resident
tinfoilhattie(4) [PM [Help]] Profile L4.png Northwest Region Badge StateManager.png
NWR & PLN Collaboration
Skulllzzcode(4) [PM [Help]] Profile L4.png Pierce County Badge AreaManager.png
NWR & SER Collaboration
thumpman(3) [PM [Help]] Profile L3.png Adams, Whitman, Franklin, Walla Walla, Colombia, Garfield and Asotin counties Badge AreaManager.png
whyamikeenan(3) [PM [Help]] Profile L3.png Clark County Badge AreaManager.png
Area resident

The following editors are also editing in the state and may be working towards an Area Manager position. Feel free to contact them for assistance in their respective areas.

Other Area Editors (Add to or edit this section)
Username General Editing Area Comments
paul_2010(3) [PM [Help]] Profile L3.png Seattle, Olympic/Kitsap Area
MukYJ(2) [PM [Help]] Profile L2.png Everett / Seattle
TCHappy8(2) [PM [Help]] Profile L2.png Greater Seattle Area
Voltylicious(2) [PM [Help]] Profile L2.png Greater Seattle Area

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