Waze App Bugs and Issues

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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

This page is used to capture bugs and usability issues from the community as well as for the Waze client app developers to communicate back to the users which they are aware of and the status of the fix for those bugs and issues.

Acknowledged Bugs and Issues

Waze developers will use this table to list the bugs and usability issues which they have acknowledged, verified and will be fixed in future releases.

Date OS Issue Description Example Image/Link Fix Release Versions Status
2011-10-15 Androidlogo.gif Navigation list is missing. Removed on purpose in version 3.0. After Lots of community requests Feature added back in to iOS v3.1 and pending release into next Android version. Pending

Community-submitted Bugs and Issues

The Waze user community is encouraged to capture verified bugs and usability issues in the following table. As community bugs are acknowledged and verified, the Waze developers will move the information from this table to the table in the Acknowledged Bugs and Issues section above.

OS icons

Use the following logos for the OS column:

Androidlogo.gif Blackberrylogo.gif Ios title.gif Symbianlogo.gif

Date OS Issue Description Example Image/Link Workaround Status
2014-11-14 Androidlogo.gif From UR: Not really a map issue, but a navigation issue... the voice guidance, when she says "left" sounds like "right." ... I removed and reinstalled Waze and it installed the same version I had before .... no improvement. My wife has the same issue on her android device. Same phone... LG Optimus L70 running android version 4.2.2. Open
2014-11-10 Androidlogo.gif v3.9.0.0: Waze crashes most of times I try to enter adress for navigation, tap on search bar, tap on Navigate icon or tap on settings. I get black screen with no response and after few minutes the app crashes. Open
2014-07-08 Androidlogo.gifIos title.gif v3.8: French translation uses "Stoper" (wrong) instead of "Stopper" (right. Open
2014-03-11 Androidlogo.gif v3.6: turns from marked roads onto unmarked road are not reporting properly. the app should report 'Turn Left onto unmarked road'. Currently it reports the next marked road which may be several miles away. Open
2013-05-16 Androidlogo.gif v3.6: HTC ONE model: M7 (the pretty One) Waze is showing buttons overlapping in Landscape mode, making the size & relocate button covered. [1] Open
2010-11-03 Androidlogo.gif HTC + Froyo screen problem when using landscape mode. Screenshot Starting the app in portrait, then switching to landscape will display the problem as shown in the link, but rotating back to portrait will return the screen to normal. Starting the app in landscape then rotating to portrait does not fix it. Open
2011-03-16 Androidlogo.gif With Automatic Night Mode set to OFF, client does not save the Mode setting for Night. Each time you start the client, the Mode reverts to Day. Open
2011-03-28 Androidlogo.gif App crashes at the same physical location when driving. Open
2011-03-28 Androidlogo.gif Adding a photo to a report freezes at the camera sceen. The back button brings you back to the report screen, but the touch screen does not respond. Hardware buttons (home or back) invoke a OS message that the app has stopped responding, and the question if you want to wait or exit the app. When you chose 'wait', you can wait forever, the only way out is to exit the app through the OS crash message, and restart. Open
2011-04-07 Androidlogo.gif Ios title.gif Waze does not obey the "Event Radius" distance option when navigating, after canceling navigation, or if the routing server returns an error. The example video linked here is from the iPhone, but Android suffers the same bug.

EDIT: The Event Radius expands to include the area along your route and destination when navigating. This is by design. The confirmed BUG is that this settings stays in effect if routing is canceled or routing errors out.

(iPhone example)
2011-06-02 Androidlogo.gif Blackberrylogo.gif

Ios title.gif Symbianlogo.gif

Bug in code causes the client to be unable to display the following speeds:
  • mph: 7, 15, 22, 30, 38, 45, 53, 60, 68, 76, 83, 91, 99, 106, 114, 121, 129, 137, 144
  • kph: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, ...
This is currently working as designed, but the client should not be coded in knots and then converted to mph or kph. This causes a loss of accuracy in displaying the correct speed. Open
2011-02-03 Ios title.gif Map and vehicle take turns "scrolling" which is distracting and looks unprofessional. The map stay perfectly still while the car icon moves along the road for a short distance, then the map scrolls, moving the car backward (backward relative to the physical device, but it stays in the right place relative to the map). Affects both 2D and 3D mode.
2011-10-15 Ios title.gif Androidlogo.gif Minimize turns setting doesn't stick between client exit/start. Minimize turns setting is ignored by the routing server and is always on. This option will likely be removed from the app in the future. Pending
2011-10-15 Androidlogo.gif Blackberrylogo.gif

Ios title.gif Symbianlogo.gif

Reporting "other lane" for hazards, police, etc. does not work for split roadways such as "I- 5 S" reporting for "I- 5 N" Open
2011-10-20 Androidlogo.gif Ios title.gif Multiple alerts on-screen at the same time can cover up alerts with timers which are about to expire which cannot be tapped on in time. Open
2011-10-20 Androidlogo.gif Ios title.gif Approaching hazard, police, speed cam, red light cam will cancel a current on-screen alert which is counting down and waiting for user response. For example, a police report 400ft from a red-light camera. The pop-up for confirming or "not there" button for the police appears correctly, but having to wait until the right location causes the red-light alert to pop up before the "not there" button can be pressed causing the incorrect police report to remain. Open
2011-10-20 Androidlogo.gif Ios title.gif User-selected zoom levels are not saved without autozoom disabled. To recreate: disable autozoom, drive, navigate, select alternate routes, view Map of alternate routes, select route. Waze map will be pinned north up and zoomed out as far as it can go instead of returning to previous user-selected zoom setting. This issue has been on-going since the 2.0 release Open
2011-10-20 Androidlogo.gif Ios title.gif Street names are mispronounced. Waze is working with the OS built-in Text-To-Speech engine and cannot control pronunciation at this time. A future feature to allow editors to post phonetic pronunciation may be a possibility. Open
2011-10-18 Ios title.gif Graphic preview of events along a route is not accurate. http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=12674 This may involve a routing server issue, too. Open
2011-10-19 Ios title.gif When the alternate routes are being processed, bonus candies are ignored and will be driven over without getting points. They remain on the map. This may happen when other alerts are on-screen too. Resolved
2012-02-01 Androidlogo.gif No more than one favorite on an unnamed (null name) street can be added in v3.0. Previous favorites on unnamed streets remain, and you can add only one with v3.0.

Edit: The 1st unnamed street favorite disappear only when the application restart.

This was resolved on iOS in version 3.1 Resolved
2011-10-25 Ios title.gif Some users would love to have the iPod play control put back into Waze so they don't have to switch apps. Open
2011-11-07 Ios title.gif Text-to-speech mispronounces non-English accented characters. The é character, which the TTS seems to interpret as 'aa©' http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13103 Do not use accented characters until resolved. Open
2011-12-12 Ios title.gif When navigating in landscape mode and the network signal is lost, the "next road" caption at the top of the screen reverts to the size of the portrait mode. It'll stay like this until the route recalculates.
Nav streetname shrink.jpg
2011-12-14 Ios title.gif When in landscape mode, the Report menu icons will disappear if you do this: tap open the report menu, swipe to the 2nd set of icons, turn the phone to porttrait.
Close the report menu and reopen, or rotate back to landscape, which will show you the first icon set again, then rotate back to portrait again. Open
2012-01-14 Ios title.gif Androidlogo.gif Prefer goodie munching doesn't operate properly. It does operate dangerously, telling the driver to make illegal turns and drive the wrong way on 1-way streets. "Prefer goodie munching" has been removed from the US/Canada infrastructure, but though Waze promised to remove it, as of June 2012, it is still an option for the rest of the world and still causes problems. Open
2012-01-20 Ios title.gif Androidlogo.gif When driving above certains speeds with autozoom by speed turned on, on a normal street in non-navigation mode, the street you are driving on disappears. This is really just a known limitation. Open
2012-03-15 Ios title.gif Androidlogo.gif Properly named highway and freeway segments do not always properly display the shield and often, for freeways, show a mix of shields and names. This bug is confirmed by Waze. I-84 shields.PNG Open
2012-08-21 Ios title.gif v3.2.1.0: 'Show on map/speed cams' is not honored. In France, using this feature is forbidden, and heavy fined. Open
2013-02-19 Ios title.gif v3.5:some time since v3, one stopped being able to add a work address, delete it, and have Work no longer show up in the Favorites list. not all of us have a Work address and some of us want this ability back. Open
2012-05-11 Androidlogo.gif Waze seems to take time before it becomes aware that you've changed country (either by road or after a flight). A consequence of this can be seen in the Gas station features: the prices keep being displayed in the previous country's currency. Open
2013-02-19 Androidlogo.gif all versions: Check for mock locations. Now it is possible to fake a ride and earn points and also have some weird routes and roads. Open
2013-08-03 Androidlogo.gif Following an upgrade to Android 4.3 on a Nexus 4 phone, the Waze voice guidance only supplies at most the last few words of each sentence. For example, instead of 'at the roundabout go straight on' you get '...aight on' or even '...n'! Tried reinstalling Waze - no change in behaviour. Open
2013-08-08 Androidlogo.gif Waze suggesting a destination after the user has selected a destination clears the previous selected destination. This can take to the user to unwanted places if he/she is not watching the screen when that happens. Open
2013-08-08 Androidlogo.gif "Work" favorite disappears from time to time: When going to the navigate screen, Work shows "(tap to add)" even when Work favorite has already been added and working the day before. Open
2013-09-26 Androidlogo.gif v3.7.3.0 on Samsung Galaxy S2+ (GT-I9105P) and v3.7.6.0 on Samsung SGG (i9082), Android 4.1.2: when I start Waze, sometime, I need to repeat all operations I did on first start; all the settings are lost, only those saved online are recovered, like favorites and groups. Open
2013-10-03 Androidlogo.gif Samsung GS4 on 4.2.2 and SGG (i9082) on 4.1.2 problem with fade effect, after reporting or pressing report menu and cancelling, screen fades to black and I have to exit and reopen Waze. Open
2013-10-07 Ios title.gif Iphone 4S, 5, 5S Confirmed. When arriving to destination, if the address point is not directly on the road, and the waze app says "arriving at destination", the same message will be repeated and the app will recalculate a route back to the destination address when looking for a parking spot. The app will also recalculate if the navigation is stopped after the message has been spoken. This occurs repeatedly when looking for parking spots. No matter how many times I cancel the navigation, the app recalculates. After pressing the hand icon to stop the navigation, the top navigation bar disappears and it looks like it canceled but it still recalculates. The only known workaround is to cancel the navigation before you "arrive" to the destination but what's the point of that if you don't know where you are supposed to arrive to? Open
2013-12-16 Androidlogo.gif This is on a Parrot Asteroid Smart, using the version of Waze available in the Asteroid Store.

It also happens on a Samsung S3 mini (waze version

When Waze is in the foreground, the volume button (speaker icon lower left corner of screen) has no effect. Typically pressing the Volume button brings up a volume slider which can be used to adjust system volume.

To adjust volume, the user must switch to another application, use the volume button, then switch back to Waze. This is a sub-optimal user experience. Open
2014-03-03 Androidlogo.gif Too slow when zommed in. When in the first two levels of zoom there are some traffic layers and other gray layers that cause the system to hang. Tested on Motorola RAZR D1. Zoom out twice. Removing traffic layer doesn't help because it's not possible to remove the gray layer.


2014-04-09 Androidlogo.gif In the messages screen, the button "Mark as read" (Marcar como leído in spanish) does not fit. http://i.imgur.com/pHIX5G1


2014-05-20 http://wiki.waze.com/wiki/images/a/af/Ios_title.gif When a reminder pops up, I cannot hear driving instructions through iPhone Bluetooth. 

1.  Connect to car hands-free through Bluetooth.  Prefer Bluetooth.
2.  You hear navigation instructions.
3.  Have a reminder come up.  This can be by passing by a location, or setting a calendar or reminder item.
4.  Once the reminder pops up, you stop hearing the directions.

No workaround.  iPhone and apps have reminders all over the place.  Indeed, if you are using the app to get directions to navigate alone, Waze is not functional.


2014-06-07 Androidlogo.gif Map tiles are not properly aligned, show broken roads/features, although route looks good. I see this once daily in a route of around 70km.


2014-08-26 http://wiki.waze.com/wiki/images/a/af/Ios_title.gif With certain voices (French, Elvis, ...) voice directions come too late 

This is a safety issue discussed in this thread

Indeed, if you are using the app to get directions to navigate alone, Waze is not functional.


2014-11-29 Androidlogo.gif The placement of the information icons is incorrect and overlays the speed information when in portrait on Nexus 7.


2015-01-21 Androidlogo.gif The speedometer is hidden halfway behind the bottom right button on a QHD screen (LG G3).