West Virginia/WV MapRaid/Details Discussion History



Confirm Direction (2-way in most cases)

Make sure State is set to West Virginia

Confirm Turn Restrictions

Eliminate Soft Turns

Set Elevation (Use True Elevation)

Eliminate Unnecessary Junction Nodes

Fix RevCons (Reverse Connections)

Delete U-Turns

  • Unless necessary for navigation

Edit Driveways

  • Mapped driveways should be set as Private Road type.
  • Do Map driveways that serve multiple distinct addresses or properties.
  • Do NOT map driveways less than 50 meters long unless they aid in routing.
  • See Driveways Wiki for more details


  • Type should be PLR

Functional Classification

  • Not part of this Raid
  • Do not change road type or upgrade/downgrade without talking with SMs

FANS Roads

Do not remove FANS from ALT Names

Off Road

  • Consider whether existing Off Road Types need to be in the map at all
  • Use Off Road Type where WVDOT Maps show Primitive Road or Unimproved Road if they are mapped


  • Use Unpaved Checkbox on roads that WVDOT Maps show Gravel or Stone Road, Graded and Drained Road, or Soil Surface Road - Dirt.
  • Do not use Checkbox on any other roads; check with SMs if you feel it should be used

Park Roads

WV Park Roads are shown on their maps

  • Use Street/Unpaved/Off Road Designation per Map Classification on WVDOT Maps
  • Name should be FS-xxx as alternate or primary if no local name is known.
  • Use US Forest Service Maps to determine classification and numbering on Federal Roads

HARP Roads

  • Typically not used
  • Only use if no local name can be found


  • Remove Railroad Name on all segment with the exception of 1) Cass Scenic Railroad and 2) WVU PRT
  • Use True Elevation
  • Junction with driveable segments

Lock Levels

  • See Lock Levels for appropriate locking standards
  • If you cannot lock up to standard, let your Group Leader know

Walking Trails/Pedestrian Boardwalks

  • Remove if they appear to have no useful purpose
  • Change type if they segments are mis-classified as Walking Trail when they should be Street, etc.

City/CDP Boundaries

  • Ensure roads within City or CDP Boundaries have the City Name
  • Put City Name on Alternate Names if Primary includes City Name
  • Remove stray City Names on segments outside City/CDP Boundaries


Locking Standards

Place Type Minimum Lock Level
Area/Point Places 2
Gas Stations 3
Hospital/Medical Care 4
Fire Department 4
Police Station 4
Airports 4
Parking Lot Area (PLA) 3

Complete Place

  • Make sure places have name, category, address, phone number, URL, hours, etc.
  • See Place Details for more details
  • Run WMEPH on all places once you have updated those.
  • Change to Area Place or Point Place as appropriate for Category per Area vs Point Wiki reference

Special Places


  • Open the Shelter List
  • Please make sure all of these places are in the map.
  • Do Not Use Shelter Category at this time; use the appropriate category based on type of place.
  • Complete the requested information on the Sheet, including a PL

Fire Stations

  • Open the Fire Station List
  • Enter the Fire Station in the map
  • Make sure it's an Area Place
  • Complete the requested information on the Sheet, including a PL.

Police Stations