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Towns in Wisconsin are named with the Twp suffix. This helps distinguish them from villages & cities and makes navigation to town addresses easier. When there are duplicate town names, the county name will be appended in parenthesis. eg: Maple Grove Twp (Shawano) See Wisconsin/Cities and towns for a list of all Towns in Wisconsin.

City names on segments

Segment primary city name

When assigning the city name to a road segment or venue, use the name of the city, village, town(Twp suffix required), or census designated place(CDP). If the road type is Freeway set the city as None regardless of the location. Besides Freeway, every segment of every road type should have a city name in the primary field.

Segment alternate city name

If the city name in the primary city field does not match the city name designated by the U.S. Postal Service, the city designated by the USPS should be set as an alternate city name for that segment.

Military Bases

Wisconsin has one military base. Army base Fort McCoy, located in Monroe County.

Wisconsin follows the national guidelines for mapping military bases. National Wiki on Military Bases.