Wisconsin/Closures Discussion History

The following information has been designed based on collaborative work with the WI State Managers and the Wisconsin DOT

Major Construction on Highways

When a divided highway is closed and under construction, and traffic is crossed over to the opposing side, the following steps should be taken to properly update the map. The process is time consuming as it requires several tile updates to process before being able to continue. This process should only be performed by an L5 editor, or under the direct supervision of an L5 editor. This is adjusting major highways and could cause significant traffic disruption if done incorrectly.

Create Crossover at beginning as a one-way segment. Name the crossover the same as the segment it is coming from (remember alt names too) Set turn restrictions to prevent both turns at the end of the segment (this isolates it so it does not navigate once the tiles update) Add a Real Time Closure on the construction side set for the time/date it will close.

Create Crossover at end as a one-way Segment Name the crossover the same as the segment is it going on to (remember alt names too) Set turn restrictions to prevent turns

All segments of opposing traffic between the two crossovers need to be changed from one-way to two-way. Rename all those segments by dropping the Cardinal Direction from the highway name (I-94 W is just I-94)

If there are any on/off ramps along the stretch, set turn restrictions to prevent hard turns the wrong way. If there are any on/off ramps on the opposite side that will still be accessible, add ramp segments as crossovers where appropriate. Set turn restrictions so they are not yet usable Add RTC's to the first segments of the highway after the on-ramp to the same as the one after the beginning crossover

Wait for Tile Update

Add RTC for all crossovers starting immediately and set to expire when they will be open to traffic. Once RTC is set and active, change turn restrictions for those crossovers to allow proper routing.

Once construction has begun, and the crossover RTC's have expired and the Mainline RTC's have turned on (this should be simultaneous) traffic should now route over the crossovers and onto the other side of the highway, and then back over at the end.

Go to the beginning crossover and add a turn restriction onto the closed main line. Do this for each crossover where you previously added and RTC.

Wait for a Tile Update

Once the TR's are active, remove the RTC's on the closed mainline. The TR's will act as the closure and force traffic onto the crossover. This is extremely important, as it removes the visual candy-stripe and closure popups from the LiveMap and App, which could discourage a driver from planning a destination along there. The road is actually not closed since traffic is moved to the opposite side. A side note also, Google Maps reads Waze information. When an RTC is added to the map, GM will add the same closure to their map. The problem with this is on their end, because they don't add the crossovers the closure will close the entire highway. Once our RTC's are removed and only the TR's are in place, GM won't have any closures either.