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See Arkansas/Resources for guidance in Arkansas that may not be universal to all other states.

Tools and Scripts

Waze editors have created useful editing tools and utilities to aid in the map editing process. For a complete listing and discussion of these tools go to the Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools Wiki.

Tools that are especially useful are:

  • WME Toolbox
  • WME Validator
  • WME Junction Angle Info

Update Requests (URs)

This is a collection of boilerplate responses for a typical UPDATE REQUEST (UR) you will encounter on the map. UR posted in Waze Map Editor. Editors are encouraged to read any Update Requests carefully, and examine any Waze-provided data. Then, tailor your responses appropriately. If you insert boilerplate comments, modify if necessary to match the situation. DO NOT CLOSE USER REQUESTS without an informative and courteous reply.