Assistant Regional Coordinator Discussion History

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Assistant Regional Coordinator Role RCs can assign a person to be their support person with the consent of US Champs as long as the person is a LC. ARCs primary goal to help with the AM applications. Any major changes etc still falls on to RC as usual. The level of collaboration is up to the parties involved. If the RC does step down that does not mean that ARC automatically steps in... because we should go through the new voting procedure that we have been setting up. Often, RCs consult with their local SMs, CMs and LCs for an advice. ARC is This is an extension of that thought.


  • Processing AM applications.
  • Work closely with his/her RC
  • Direct communications with SM(s).
  • Identify potential SM's and work with RC to see if they are ready
  • Promotion suggestions to RC
  • Banning/blocking inquires to RC

ARC selection process

RC should nominate his/her ARC in US Champ forum. The ARC selection should be done by US champ-community. In the absence of any objection to a proposed promotion there is no reason for an election.

The decision

Paul: An ARC should be a nomination of the respective regional RC, an announcement of the nomination should be posted in the champ forum for an "objection/discussion" period. The nominee must be at least an LC. If there are no objections at completion of this period the nomination is approved. If there are objections, discussion and consensus must be established for each item of objection. Should this not be accomplished in the time period the nomination fails, and a new nominee must be considered. It should be noted that the nominee will have full access to comment/defend on any objection as they will have full access to the discussion as an LC/GC. The role of an ARC should fall in line with that of the RC, but the RC should be considered the senior decision maker for the region. Upon assuming the ARC role the RC and ARC can establish their roles for the region. If an RC steps down, the ARC will assume temporary RC duties until the permanent status can be voted upon. The ARC does not automatically assume the permanent RC role as this is a voting situation, but they can be an automatic nominee.