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Colorado has Lock Standards for all places. All places must be locked to at least Rank 2, this is to prevent the "drive by" editor from making changes without review. All other places will follow the following.


Areas will be locked to at least Rank 3 for most areas.

  • Neighborhood Parks
  • Gas Stations
  • Schools
  • Small Airports for local aircraft i.e. crop dusters etc..
  • Parking Lots for these areas

Larger Areas will be locked Rank 4

  • Small Airports
  • Large Parks including City, Regional, State, and National
  • Large Venues such are Red Rocks and Ski Areas
  • Parking Lots for these areas will be locked Rank 3

All other Areas will be locked Rank 5 or 6, if you have a concern please contact one of the State Managers or Regional Coordinators

  • Large Airports such as Denver International and Colorado Springs Municipal.
  • Military Bases
  • Denver Federal Center
  • Parking lots for Airports will be locked at the lock Rank for the Airport. All others will be locked Rank 3.

Place Points

Place Points (PP) will be at locked at least to Rank 2. When a PP has at least a Name, an Address, and is Google Linked it will be locked to Rank 3. Parking lots for PP will be locked Rank 3 unless there is a reason to lock them higher, such as vandalism. Exceptions will be based on discussions with the State Manager

Contact the Colorado forum with concerns related to places in Colorado.

Colorado follows all other USA standards for Places. Do not deviate from the guidelines without first obtaining consensus via the state forum.

Parking Lot Areas (PLA)

PLAs will have an Address at minimum to be added to the map. Drawing of PLAs will follow the US Standard.