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Speed Limits in CT
UPDATED 2019-10-09: To better conform to NER standards, effective immediately the speed limit policy for CT has changed to the following:

  1. Consistent with NER, our goal is to have speed limits displayed in Waze match the in-person/on-road experience of Wazers (this replaces previous guidance which deferred to official, state-approved speed limits regardless of actual signage)
  2. Speed limits may be set utilizing any of the following resources: In-Person confirmation ("BOTG"), CT OSTA documentation & Google Street View via the Waze editor
  3. In the event of a discrepancy, the posted speed limit (confirmed by BOTG) or SL UR determines the speed
  4. If there is no BOTG verification available, the most recent OSTA documentation or SV info determines the speed

Functional Classification
As of 2015-03-01 the functional classification project is complete! Please contact an SM before changing the classification of any public driveable segment. Please do not use any auto-locker scripts in Connecticut.