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Links to My Dashboard

USA/Canada users:

WWW Server My Dashboard

Israeli-an users:

IL Server My Dashboard

All other 'international' users:

WORLD Server My Dashboard


My Dashboard

Inside the "My Dashboard" page, you will be able to find your Personal Information and your Statistics. The information and statistics offered here are personal, and therefore will be accesible only after you sign into the website. Note that if you are in North America that you need to use the www.waze.com site and if anywhere else the world.waze.com site. Logging into the incorrect website will give you incorrect information from what you are expecting.

Dashboard 201209.png

After signing in, you will see that your Dashboard has been divided into two different sections. In each of them, you will find all of your personal information and your driving activity inside Waze.

Personal Details

The first section, "Personal Details", allows the user to change and update personal details such as you account password, email address, location info, and birthday.

Note that of this update, you cannot change your username. To do that, you must submit a support ticket via the QuickHelp box on the Waze Support page.

Dashboard account 201209.png

These additional functional links are also available here:

  • Connect your Waze account to your facebook profile
  • Update email subscription preferences
  • View the Waze Scoreboard

After you change any information in this section, click the Update button.

Your Rank and Points

The third section is dedicated to "Your Rank and Points". In this section, you will be able to follow your progress and driving activity inside Waze. Each field represents a different type of activity inside Waze. Every night our system will calculate all of the points that you accumulated in all of the different fields through the day. Then the system will allocate yours points in your new position inside the rank table. Your rank can change on a daily basis.

Dashboard rank 201209.png

Your Recent Routes

Wazers who joined prior to mid-2012 have likely seen their recent routes section on the dashboard. This was removed as Waze adjusts and optimizes their infrastructure for stability, reliability, and disaster recovery. Routes are no longer displayed on the Dashboard, but are found in the Map Editor Drives section.