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#REDIRECT [[Your_Rank_and_Points#Waze_Map_Editing_Ranks]]
=Editing Ranks=
You can see your own editing rank next to your name on the top right corner of the page. If that is not visible, check a segment you have edited and your rank will show next to your username in the segment properties.
If your rank is lower than what it should be (based on the criteria below), please contact support@waze.com and we will fix it.
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:none; font-size:75%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"
|- align="center"
! width="5%" | Rank
! width="25%" class="unsortable" | Description
! width="70%" class="unsortable" align="left" | Notes
| -1
| class="unsortable" | Admin, System, or Basemap import
| class="unsortable" | Segments which have not been created or edited by an actual user but exist from the initial data import (called the basemap) will show this information.
| 0
| class="unsortable" | New user
| class="unsortable" |
| 1
| class="unsortable" | IGN editor
| class="unsortable" | Used by paid editors working for a Waze subcontractor.
| 2
| class="unsortable" | Area Manager
| class="unsortable" | See below. Can edit anything, including locked objects, within the AM area.
| 3
| class="unsortable" | Over 100,000 edits
| class="unsortable" |
| 4
| class="unsortable" | Over 200,000 edits
| class="unsortable" | Country-wide editing rights can be requested via email.
| ''4+''
| class="unsortable" | Over 200,000 edits and granted country-wide editing rights
| class="unsortable" | This is not an actual editing rank, but more how the map editing community refers to Level 4 editors who have also been granted country-wide editing rights.
| 5
| class="unsortable" | <undefined>
| class="unsortable" | Not used
| 6
| class="unsortable" | Waze admins
| class="unsortable" |
=Editing permissions=
==Locked segments==
When an editor locks a segment, it currently has two functions:
# Automatic adjustments
#Editing ability
===Automatic adjustments===
A locked segment will not be changed by GPS tracks both in terms of geometry and directionality.
===Segment Editing ability===
A locked segment cannot be changed by an editor of a rank lower than that of the locking editor, or the rank of the editor who last edited the segment. The rank is locked based on the last person to edit the segment, and not the user who created it.
You can edit segments based on your editing rank and Editable area. Once a segment is locked, only a user with the same (or higher) rank, or an Area Manager whose area includes that segment, can edit the segment again.
===Speed cameras editing ability===
The last person to edit the speed cam is basically locking it to his rank. A user with a lower rank will not be able to change / delete the camera, unless he is the owner of the camera or if it's in his area of management.
==Locked junctions==
A junction is considered to be locked when all segments which connect to that junction are locked.
==Area Managers==
[[Area Manager|Area Managers]] can override any locked segments, even if a segment is locked by an editor of higher rank
A growing list of Area Managers and their preferred contact details can be found [http://bit.ly/WazeAMs here].
[[Map Editing (new Editor)|Back to Map Editing]]

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