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===Locked segments===
===Locked segments===
When an editor [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#General_Tab|locks a segment]], it controls:
#Segment editing ability
#Automatic adjustments
In the past, many segments were locked for other reasons that no longer exist, but the segments do not get changed unless they are edited again and the editor changes the lock.
====Segment editing ability====
A locked segment may not be changed by an editor of a rank lower than the rank to which is was set either by a previous editor or a [[traffic lock]].
An editor may edit segments based on Editable area and editing rank.  When a segment is locked, only a user with the same or higher rank can edit the segment again.  When any segment forming a junction is locked, turn restrictions are locked for all segments at that junction.
====Unlocking segments above your rank====
There are many cases where a segment (or connected junction) may need to be edited by a lower rank editor. For that reason there are two methods to unlock segments (and junctions).
* Send a [[private message]] to the last editor of the locked segment explaining why you need to unlock and change the segment. Most higher ranked editors will help you with the problem.
* Alternately you can post a forum message in the appropriate [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=46319 unlock request forum for your country]. Be sure to have the location of the segment listed in the title of the message. Also include a [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|permalink]] with all desired segments highlighted to make it fast and easy for the higher ranked editor monitoring that forum to make the change.
In both cases be sure to explain the reason for the desired unlock request. Many segments were locked in the past for reasons that are no longer present. However, high traffic areas are locked to prevent less experienced editors from making changes that would cause problems or do not follow the generally agreed mapping procedures.
====Staff locks====
There are times when a Waze staff member may have locked a segment over time. In many cases it may not be required any more, so if you have a reason to need to edit it, please review [https://www.waze.com/support/answer?q=6847465 this support link] to request it to be unlocked. This link is only for staff level locks.
====Automatic adjustments====
A locked segment is not changed by GPS tracks both in terms of geometry and directionality. In the past the Waze server was altering road directionality based on a few GPS inputs. So editors were locking segments to stop those automated changes. Now the Waze server requires much more GPS tracking to prevent false readings, so most editors no longer lock segments for this reason.
===Locked junctions===
A junction is considered to be locked when ''any'' segment which is connected to that junction is locked. A locked junction cannot have its restrictions or allowances edited. See above for information on unlock requests for segments (which control junctions).
===Violation cameras editing ability===
The person who approves a [[violation camera]] is basically locking it to their rank. A user with a lower rank may not be able to change / delete the camera, unless they are the owner of the camera or if it is in their area of management.
===Area Managers===
An [[Area Manager]] (AM) may edit any unlocked objects within their defined area.  An AM cannot edit anything locked to a higher rank than their own.  When necessary the AM can [[private message]] the last editor to ask them to unlock it or post a [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|permalink]] to the unlock request forum (discussed above).
* [http://bit.ly/WazeAMs List of Area Managers and their preferred contact details].
A detailed description of locked segments can be found at the [[Editing restrictions]] page.
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There are many aspects of editing related to an editors rank and permissions that will control what can be changed on the map and how editors after them will be affected. Be sure to understand this information to be best prepared when editing the map.

Rank clarification

There are many ranking systems in Waze. Each one is used for a different purpose. See this other page for more detailed information on the other ranking systems. The below information is only covering Editing Rank.

Rank comparisons

Template:Editing rank Many editors will include an image of their editing rank in their signature line. A number of editing rank images have been saved in the Wiki for your easy link access.

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Locked segments

A detailed description of locked segments can be found at the Editing restrictions page.

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