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{{mbox|type=info|text=Note that this article is specific to the USA. For general reference in other countries please refer to the global ranking wiki page [[Your_Rank_and_Points#Waze_Map_Editing_Ranks|here]].}}
<center>[[File:Profile L1.png|70px]] [[file:Permission_levels.png|200px]] [[File:Profile L6.png|70px]]</center>
You can see your own editing rank ''AKA level'' from the [[Waze Map Editor]] (WME) on the [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Left_Pane|top left of the screen]].
[[File:WME username level.png|right]]
Your rank appears just under your username as "Level #". To the left of your username and level is an avatar icon unique to your level. In the WME when you select a segment, the properties drawer will show you the name (and rank) of the editor who created and last modified the segment. The number in parenthesis after the name, is the editor's current rank ''(not necessarily the rank they were when they made the edit)''.
== Promotions ==
In the USA, rank promotions are evaluated based on a combination of related factors including;
* Editing skill and knowledge
* Editing quality
* Community involvement
* Proper etiquette in communication
* Mentoring participation
* Edit count
* Suspicious or damaging edits
It is not necessary to reach every single measure [[#Rank specific details|listed below]] of a rank (including edit count) to be granted that rank promotion. It is merely required to be considered proficient primarily for the editing skill, knowledge, and behavioral expectations of that rank when you are reviewed. '''It is perfectly reasonable to anticipate being promoted before achieving the listed edit count for a rank, as long as you meet other criteria for that rank.''' On the other hand, an editor who is seen to be damaging the map or engaging in suspicious editing practices, may not be granted a rank promotion despite having more than the required edit count.
[[File:Formal mentoring 2.png|right|75px]]
The [[Mentoring/Formal/USA|Formal Mentoring]] program is a great tool to help you learn the skills and knowledge you will need to be eligible for a rank promotion. Being in communication with your SM and/or RC even before you are eligible, will also show you where you need to focus to become eligible for the promotion.
[[File:Private message.png|75px|left]]
If you feel that you might be eligible for a rank promotion, please contact
your local management team including your [[State Manager/USA|State Managers (SM)]], and  [[Regional Coordinator|Regional Coordinator(s) (RC)]] to initiate a review, and the promotion process. Moving from rank two to three, and higher, is not automatic and requires assistance, make sure to contact your managers/coordinator(s).
== Rank specific details ==
{| class="wikitable unsortable" style="background:none; font-size:75%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"
|- align="center"
! Icon
! align="center" | Editing Rank (Level)
! Description <br />''Suggested Edit Count''
! Editable Area Radius
! Unlocked Waze Mood
! align="center" | Notes
| align="center"| '''N/A''' ''(staff)''
| Admin, System, or Basemap import
| N/A
| Includes segments which have not been created or edited by an actual user, but exist from the initial data import (called the basemap) will show this information.
| [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''N/A'''
| [[Area Manager]]
| N/A
| Area Manager (AM) is a [[Roles_and_responsibilities#Area_Manager|role]] not a rank, however this role along with some higher roles e.g. State/Country Manager give the editor greater permissions that listed for their rank in this table. Area Managers (AM) can edit anything within their assigned area except objects locked by higher-level editors. Editors of any Rank can be granted AM rights, however in some countries there may be a minimum requirement before Area Managers are approved. Read the [[Area Manager]] section in the Wiki first before applying for an AM.
| [[File:Profile L1.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''1'''
| New users
| 1 mile
| All users start in this group, unless they are a member of one of the other special groups listed
| [[File:Profile L2.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''2'''
| Beginner Editors, ''over 3K edits'', or [[IGN|IGN editors]]
| 2 miles
| [[Image:Rank2-robot.png]]
| IGN Map editors are an extension of the Waze Geo-Ops (aka the Map Team)
| [[File:Profile L3.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''3'''
| Proficient Editors, (most AMs), ''over 25K edits''
| 3 miles
| [[Image:Rank3-8bit.png]]
| Editors with 25K edits. Rank 3 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approval. Note: Some [[IGN]] Map editors may also be rank 3.
| [[File:Profile L4.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''4'''
| Advanced Editors, ''over 100K edits''
| 4 miles
| Rank 4 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approval. Note: Very few [[IGN]] Map editors may also be rank 4.
| [[File:Profile L5.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''5'''
| Expert Editors, (most SMs), ''over 250K edits''
| 4 miles
| [[Image:Rank5-trex.png]]
| Rank 5 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approval.
| [[File:Profile L6.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''6'''
| [[Your Rank and Points#Waze Champs|Waze Champs]]
| N/A
| Waze Champ (Rank 6) will require recommendations, review, and approval by other US Champs before Champ status is given. Note: Although CMs and Champs have countrywide access, the Rank of Champ is greater than that of a CM. The same promotion from Local Champ (LC) to Global Champ (GC) applies.
| [[File:Badge WazeStaffAdmin.png|70px]]
| align="center" | '''Staff'''
| Waze admins
| Unlimited
| Currently only paid Waze employees

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