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On some roadways in the USA, state or local agencies require the daytime use of headlights. These 24/7 requirements may be enacted through specific statutes/regulations or through the enforcement of mandatory use road signs.

Identifying roads with headlight use requirements

Only roads with regulatory (black and white) road signs requiring 24/7 headlight usage should be set with the Headlights required attribute. The Federal Highway Administration has guidance for how roads should be marked for headlight use requirements in order to be enforceable. Although some states require headlight use during inclement weather, the Waze app does not support alerts for these kinds of weather-only requirements at this time.

In addition to road signs, some jurisdictions may have public GIS data or other mapping resources that outline where headlight use requirements exist.

Headlight Use Signs, MUTCD, 2009 Edition, published by FHWA; annotated by nzahn1.

Adding the 'Headlights required' attribute

Headlights required.png
Only editors rank 4 and above may enable the headlights required road segment attribute

When a drivable segment is selected, enable the checkbox for Headlights required on the special properties section of the left pane. This will activate the alert for app users routed onto this segment.