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This article covers information on the Waze Wiki itself, not the Waze application. If you reached this page in error, return to the Wiki search page to search again for your topic.

Under the new Wazeopedia, all files are kept in a common repository for all countries. Therefore, care must be taken when editing these common files.

Single repository


In order to save storage space for the huge number of country wikis created with the Wazeopedia initiative, a common repository was created for all files (images/drawings). This common repository is accessed by changing the "Choose a community" selector to "File Repository" at the bottom of the list.

Once in that repository, you can easily search for files (images/drawings) as required.

Accessing files

Each country's wiki is set up to automatically share this file repository. When files are added from anywhere in the world, within about 5 minutes, all country wikis will be able to see it. Accessing files from the repository is no different from the original wiki programming. There is no need to include your wiki's country designation. The code below will pull the file "Stop sign.png" from the common repository and display it on the page of any country's wiki.

[[file:Stop sign.png]]

Deleting files

After a file is added, all countries have access to the file. This means if you delete a file from the repository, you delete it from every country's wiki. Therefore, it is recommended that unless you upload a specific file just for your use into the repository (or just uploaded it five minutes ago), please refrain from deleting images you don't think are needed.

Multiple file descriptions

There is a part of the file repository that is unique to each country. That is the file description field. There are multiple file descriptor fields.

  • Primary file descriptor - The primary file descriptor is visible to all country wikis. It is attached to the file in the common file repository. When viewing the file from the file repository, it is the only description seen. You will know you are on the main file repository by checking the browser URL looking for "Commons" in the URL:

The Commons description will appear directly below the image area.

Scroll down to the section "File usage" to see if there are any duplicates of this file, which means those files are "mirrors" of the original file where someone has created a unique country specific description.

  • Country specific file descriptor - Move to your desired country specific wiki using the dropdown box pictured above. In the search box for your selected country wiki, enter the name of the file with the "file" namespace designation like:

When the file appears, it will look like the same page as from the primary repository, except a few things are different on this page.
  • The URL will be unique to your desired country with your desired "country" in the URL:
  • The country specific files will include an additional portion of text on the page:
This file is from a shared repository and may be used by other projects. The description on its file description page there is shown below.
That hyperlink will take you to the Primary file descriptor in the Commons, which you do not want at this point.

Any country specific description will appear next and it will be followed by anything from the Commons file description.

Editing descriptions

When editing the description field, it is important to ensure you are on the correct wiki or file repository depending upon which description you intend to edit.

  • Primary file descriptor - Move to the File Repository as described above. Locate the desired file. From that page, select the Edit Source button at the top of the page. Remember this description is seen by all country wikis.

Note: Because Categories in this description field are seen across all countries, it is recommended that all categories are moved to the Country specific file description field.

  • Country specific file descriptor - Move to your desired country specific wiki as described above. Locate the desired file. From that page, select the Edit Source or Create Source button depending upon whether it has been edited in the past. Enter the unique description for your desired wiki's version of this file.

Include any country specific Category desired to be associated with this file as well.