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To prevent cheating, Waze uses a throttling system. It is a mechanism which detects anomalies in the number of edits per time frame and prevents cheaters/scripters from gaining points for massive edits. While many scripts are used for positive additions to the map, some scripts cause specific harm with the goal of accumulating points quickly. Scripts used for massive edits are allowed, but may not always result in the rewarding of points.

How the throttling system works

Waze has many thresholds for different types of massive editing activity. Once a limit is reached, the next round of edits results in no additional points. The transaction is followed by a time frame during which edits remain uncredited.

Types of editing thresholds

Different thresholds exist for each object type (segments, MP, UR, places etc). Some are calculated per minute, some per hour and some per day. The exact numbers are internal and may change occasionally as needed (new scripts, etc). Please note that the thresholds are high. It is unlikely to reach them when editing manually without using scripts.

Reaching the limit

This is a backend process and invisible in the UI. Edits will go through, everything will look the same, but points will not be granted.


Currently, Waze won't auto-block/lock users due to massive edits. This may change in the future.