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Map tiles are part of the core of the Waze Map.

Theory of operation

The Waze map is divided into a grid using 1km-square areas which are called tiles or map tiles. Changes to the map are processed on a per-tile basis. Changes to any part of a map tile causes Waze to mark the tile as changed and it will be rebuilt in the next map update cycle.


When certain items in the map are edited, they cause the Waze system to incorporate the changes from the offline editor database into the live map database during an update cycle. That process will only include changes from map tiles that trigger the tile for an update. Not everything that gets edited will trigger an update.

Note that because some things do not trigger updates on their own, the system will also cycle through a percentage of the tiles each map update cycle and eventually update all the tiles. The process generally takes 10+ days.

Trigger updates

The following edits are known to trigger a map update for anything else that changed in the same map tile.

Non trigger edits

The following edits will not trigger an update of the tiles they are included in. Some of them may not be seen in the client until the tiles are updated automatically on the regular cycle.

  • Camera updates will not be seen until the tile is updated.
    To expedite the process perform a trigger update on the same tile.
  • Adding or editing House Numbers in WME are not dependant on tile updates.
    They will be included in the next house number index update. Performing a trigger updated is not needed. See the House numbers page for more details.
  • Adding is editing a place is partially reliant on a tile update.
    • Place details and navigation updates go live immediately
    • The place name index (used when searching for the place by name) is updated separately on a schedule, and is unaffected by the tile build.
    • The polygon and name displayed on the client map for area places is only updated with a tile build. To expedite an update of an area place polygon on the client map, perform a trigger update.