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Minnesota bases cities and towns on standard city line boundaries and not USPS standards. Where the city limits end, another city or township will begin.

Minnesota does show townships throughout the state. Keep in mind that many of these are named incorrectly. All township names should be [Township] Twp. It should not end in the full word Township or be called Greater [Township] Area.

If we see an error with a city, town, or township name, DO NOT correct the issue in the map itself. Correcting it in the map either will give you errors when you attempt or it will smudge cities. Even if you update every street in the township, the incorrect city name will still exist and will show both names on the live map.

If you see an issue, Report It and we will submit a report to fix the city name. Keep in mind that this is a very time-consuming process and averagely takes 2-3 months to show correctly on the editing map and another 1-2 months after that before the live map will see it.

Report Incorrect City Data

We currently are running an experiment with adding residential addressing as a place point using the USPS city as opposed to the township or city it is actually located. We are verifying the negative implications of this and seeing if the positives outweigh the negatives. If you see this on the map, please do not delete it or follow suit as this is an isolated test.