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Current/upcoming editing tasks and projects for Minnesota

Priority Task Name Assigned To Latest Update
1 High Update all roads to appropriate Functional Classifications DallasGrant and all AMs DallasGrant has been editing around the state fixing this
1 High Ensure all Roads are named correctly DallasGrant and all AMs DallasGrant has completed this in Nicollet, Blue Earth, & Le Sueur Counties
1 Medium Ensure all House numbering is correct DallasGrant and all AMs DallasGrant has finished approximately 75% of Blue Earth county
1 High Ensure all interstate highways are routing correctly and locked DallasGrant and all Level5 N/A
1 High Use Validator to verify no issues with roads DallasGrant and all AMs N/A
2 Medium Establish Area Managers for the 17 cities with a population of 50,000 or more DallasGrant DallasGrant has AMs covering all these cities, but he still needs AMs for Owatonna, Albert Lea, Saint Cloud, the Iron Range, Brainerd, and Morehead

MN Highway Cleanup

Check Minnesota highways for; current naming standard, proper alt names, minor highway or higher road type, and lock per MN standards See MN Highway List