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Private Roads

When creating a private road please follow these guidelines: Private Roads should be no longer than 50 meters (164 ft.) and serve multiple houses. If and only if the house is set far back on the property but is near another road that is causing a navigation error, draw a private road along the driveway from the correct road back to the house so Waze has a closer road to navigate to. Please review the Wiki standard on Private Roads.

Forest Service Roads

When editing USFS roads, please review the Waze Wiki standards on Forest Service Roads

Gravel / Dirt Roads 4x4 Trails

Montana follows the following functional classification for Gravel and Dirt Road /4x4 trails.

Gravel USFS-level3a.jpg Functional Classification
Local/Not Mapped  Street 
Minor Collector  PS 
Minor Arterial  Minor 
Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail USFS-level2b.jpg Functional Classification
Local/Not Mapped  Off-road / Not maintained 
Minor Collector  Off-road / Not maintained 
Minor Arterial  Off-road / Not maintained