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[[File:US 2.png|30x30px|center|link=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Route_2#Montana]]
[[File:US 2.png|30x30px|center|link=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Route_2#Montana]]
  || [https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-116.03411&lat=48.63269&layers=516&zoom=2&segments=29551046 US 2 west of Troy] || [https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-104.05202&lat=48.14072&layers=516&zoom=2&segments=70356399 US 2 east of Bainville] || [[User:Kinematic]] || [[https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-108.39529&lat=48.39798&layers=518&zoom=0&segments=67022075&mapProblemFilter=0&mapUpdateRequestFilter=0&venueFilter=0 Continue W] || {{Progress bar|60|height=8|header=yes}}
  || [https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-116.03411&lat=48.63269&layers=516&zoom=2&segments=29551046 US 2 west of Troy] || [https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-104.05202&lat=48.14072&layers=516&zoom=2&segments=70356399 US 2 east of Bainville] || [[User:Kinematic]] || comment || {{Progress bar|100|height=8|header=yes}}

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Interstate InterstateUS Hwy US HwyMT Highways MT HighwaysState Hwys State Hwys
US Highways
Route # Beginning location Ending location Editor(s) Comments Percentage Completion
US 2.png
US 2 west of Troy US 2 east of Bainville User:Kinematic comment

100% completed (estimate)


US 12.png
US 12 near Lolo Hot Springs US 12 near Marmarth, ND Kinematic PhoenixofMt Comment

100% completed (estimate)


US 20.png
US 20 near West Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park entrance at West Yellowstone Editor(s) Comment

0% completed (estimate)


US 87.png
I-90 / US 87 near Ranchester, WY US 2 at Havre Editor(s) Finish here

95% completed (estimate)


US 89.png
Yellowstone National Park near Gardiner Hwy 2 near Carway, AB User:Kinemaitc Comment

100% completed (estimate)


US 93.png
US 93 at Lost Trail Pass BC-93 at Roosville, BC User:Kinematic Continue N Continue S

10% completed (estimate)


US 93 Alternate.png
US 93 south of Kalispell US 93 north of Kalispell User:Kinematic Comments

100% completed (estimate)


US 191png.png
Yellowstone National Park at West Yellowstone Hwy 4 north of Loring User:Kinematic Continue W

80% completed (estimate)


US 212png.png
Yellowstone National Park at Northeast entrance US 212 near Cooke City User:Kinematic Comment

100% completed (estimate)


US 287.png
Yellowstone National Park entrance at West Yellowstone US 89 at Choteau Editor(s) Continue at Townsend

50% completed (estimate)


US 310.png
US 310 / WYO 789 near Frannie, WY I-90 Bus at Laurel Kinemaitc comments

100% completed (estimate)