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Additional notes

Dirt roads

In many Nebraska counties, well-maintained gravel roads may be functionally classified as primary routes. Also, in some cases, these gravel roads may be the only option for navigation. Therefore, it is important that Waze treats these roads appropriately. Since there is no option in the WME for an unpaved street, we must choose between a paved street and a dirt road. In the Waze client, dirt roads have reduced visibility and receive a routing penalty so are not appropriate for most gravel roads. In Nebraska, we use the dirt road type only for minimum maintenance roads


Alleys are to be mapped since they may be used for navigation and function in some circumstances as access to parking lots, businesses, and residences. Alleys are to be the parking lot road type and the name should be set to "Alley."

Parking lots

Following the spirit of mapping all drivable surfaces, parking lot roads are to be mapped in Nebraska. Please follow the general guidelines and use discretion to provide functionality without overcrowding the map.


Private driveways ...