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Other Nevada Community Resources

Google Hangouts

Nevada is using a Google Hangouts chat room for interactive, live communications between Nevada editors. Currently, the way to request being added to that chat room is to send a PM in the Waze Forum to MojaveCactusMonkey.

Waze Team on Slack

We are currently evaluating using Slack for our interactive communications method, to replace Google Hangouts, and we have set up a chat room in the Waze Team. If you are not already a member of that team, please fill out this form (it only takes a quick moment).

Once you have received an E-Mail informing you that you've been added to the team, you will then need to fill out this form in order to request being added to the nevada-editors channel.

Please join the Slack channel, especially if you're already using the Google Hangout chat channel, and help us to evaluate which is the better one to use.