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Welcome, New Jersey Wazers! (Please note that this page is a work in progress, and owes much to other pages here from which the general format was copied!)

If you are an editor or area manager working in or around New Jersey, please update this Wiki with the areas where you are working! Please feel free to contact me at the forum using the link below if you have questions about this page, about editing, or about life in general. :)

~ orbitc, Area Manager for NJ's Many Counties ~ page opened 20APR2013

NJ Road Types:

Primary issues for Interstate and Major Freeway work

  • remove excess junction nodes (those not at intersections or at city-name changes)
  • inspect and correct connectivity of necessary junctions
  • update highway and ramp segment "road types"
  • update all segment "Street Names" in accordance with the standards published in the Wiki -- for example
      • I-90 E
      • I-481 N
      • "Split" (1-way) segments: US-219 N
      • "Unsplit" (2-way) segments: US-20
      • "Split": SR-36 S
      • "Unsplit": SR-60
    • OFFRAMP:
      • numbered exit: Exit 26: Olean
      • numbered exit with multiple names: Exit 59: Dunkirk / Fredonia
      • non-numbered exit: Exit to SR-39 / Springville
    • ONRAMP:
      • to I-81 N / Watertown
      • to I-86 E / Corning / Binghamton
  • inspect and correct overpasses/underpasses to ensure that the segments are on different levels and do not have a junction node where they meet