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Start: 14 April 2018 (subject to change) End: 31 May 2018 (subject to change)

New York City UR Project

The Bronx is the first phase of the New York City UR Project. For general information about the entire project, please refer to the project page.


  1. Use URs to find and fix the map
  2. Analyze, answer, and act on every open UR in the Bronx
  3. Learn, practice, and teach NY state guidelines and best practices for working URs
  4. Look for and fix other issues in the general vicinity of the URs
  5. If all the URs are currently dealt with (closed, or in a "waiting period"), address PURs and MPs in the current borough.

Project Work Areas

"Group 1""Group 2""Group 3""Group 4""Group 5""Group 6""Group 7""Group 8""Group 9""Group 10"Group 11Group 12Group 13Group 14Group 15Group 16Group 17Group 18Group 19NY UR project areas in the Bronx.png
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