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Several NY editors have put together a NY Localization Package for WME Validator specialized for New York which will increase Validators effectiveness. The packages serves two major functions:

  • While editing in NY, it highlights issues specific to NYS.
  • While editing anywhere else it highlights some national issues not included in the original script. It also fixes some built in validator checks so they are more accurate for US standards. (e.g. removes highlight from N. in a name).
  • The two Custom Checks #128, and #129 have not been used in this localization, and still available to you for custom use.
  • If the Validator script is active (enabled) when WME is loaded, this script will also add four additional permalink button to the bottom right of the map area. These permalinks will open a government source map to the same location as in wme.

NOTE:You must have the main script WME Validator installed for this package to function.

More information on the localization package, and a changelog showing updates, etc. is available on the scripts page.

A list explaining all the available checks is also posted in this forum.

You can bring up comments or questions about this in
Forum topic unread.gif WME Validator Localization Package for NY (& rest of USA) forum topic.

It is highly recommended you install and keep this package running alongside WME Validator all the time.

Disabling individual checks

Each individual check in WME Validator has an identifying number displayed in the popup (or report).

Validator disable check.png

Individual check highlights on the map can be turned off in the validator search settings by typing !###, * (### = the check number). To disable multiple highlights you can separate with commas for example !128, !131, * (make sure to leave the star (*) at the end so it allows everything else. These checks will still display in the left panel when clicking on a segment, or in a report.

To completely disable a check from the NY Localization Package, there is the option of editing the script code and commenting it out. For example, if you primarily edit outside NY to disable check #131, you can in the script itself by commenting out the code for that check. (Check #131 looks for segments which do not have New York set as the State.)

To fully disable check #131 in the script, you will have to update the script locally on your machine and enclose the check in comment codes (/*...*/). It should then look like this.

  //  #131 ##Check that all segments have NY as state. This check is active everywhere.
  "131.enabled": true,
  "131.params": {
    "titleEN": "Not New York",
    "problemEN": "The segment is assigned to another state",
    "solutionEN": "Make sure you are editing in NY and change it. If you are editing outside NY you can disable this check by entering \"!131, *\" (without the quotes) in the Reported As: field of Validators search settings (magnifying glass)",
    "template": "${state}",
    "regexp": "!/^New York/"

NOTE: If you make any changes to the script locally, they will be overwritten when an update is pushed through. Be sure to save a local backup.

Modifying individual checks

Alternatively you can modify your copy of the script updating the check to add in your state to the code, so it won't flag in your state(s) or in NY. For Example if you primarily edit in NY, NJ, CT, and CA, you can set the package to only alert you for segments showing a state name that is not one of those four states.

To add in your state(s) modify just the line that says regexp to include your state(s) exactly as they appear in WME. You will have to enclose the state names in parenthesis, and place a pipe (|) between each name like this. "regexp": "!/^(New York|New Jersey|Connecticut|California)/"

NOTE: if modifying the regex of other more complex checks, be sure you properly escape the code for use in the Javascript.

NOTE: If you make any changes to the script locally, they will be overwritten when an update is pushed through. Be sure to save a local backup.