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Want to help out with the map in Rhode Island? Below, you'll find a number of projects that are currently in progress around the state. If you would like to participate, please update the table below with your progress, and mark the appropriate cell with a yellow background color. Once that portion is 100% complete, indicate this with a green background color.

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Speed Limits: Streets

Thanks to the Map Raid, Rhode Island is in the top 10 for speed limit implementation across the country! But there's still a lot of work to be done, as the Map Raid only focused on non-street speed limits. This section is for tracking the progress of adding speed limits to all the street segments in the state and getting us even closer to 100% implementation.

Village Confirmation

During the Map Raid, one of the main goals was to implement Rhode Island's Villages policy. While most of the work was very well done, there was still some confusion on how to implement it. This project is for confirming that all roads and places adhere to the existing village guidelines, which includes having the village name be the primary city name on all segments and places within the village, and proper naming of segments with route numbers.

School Places

Given that most schools in the state of Rhode Island consist of a single large building with unique shapes, it was decided that all schools that fit this description should have their Place areas conform to the shape of the building rather than to the boundaries of the property (as is the case with universities and other multi-building complexes). Thus, this project is tracking the progress of updating the existing school Area Places to match this guideline, or adding school Place Areas where none exist.

Parking Lot Map Problems (PLMP)

We've all seen them in the editor, and we probably just make them go away by turning off the Parking lots checkbox under the Issues layer. But wouldn't it be cool if we actually fixed all of them? This project involves going town-by-town and addressing every parking lot MP, either by adding a missing lot, or by marking them resolved (either because a lot already exists or isn't necessary). Once all MPs in a town have been addressed, we can mark that one as 100% complete in the table below.

Town/Village Street SLs Village Confirm School Places ǃ! Parking MPs Comments
Ashaway 100% 100%
Barrington N/A 100%
Bradford 100% 100%
Bristol N/A
Burrillville N/A N/A
Carolina 100% N/A
Central Falls N/A
Charlestown N/A
Coventry N/A
Cranston N/A 100%
Cumberland N/A
East Greenwich N/A
East Providence N/A
Exeter N/A
Foster N/A
Hope Valley 100% 100%
Hopkinton N/A
Jamestown N/A
Johnston N/A
Kenyon 100% N/A
Kingston 100% N/A
Lincoln N/A
Little Compton N/A
Middletown N/A
Narragansett N/A
New Shoreham N/A
Newport N/A
North Kingstown N/A
North Providence N/A 100%
North Scituate
North Smithfield N/A 100%
Pawtucket N/A
Portsmouth N/A
Providence N/A 50%
Saunderstown 100% 100%
Scituate N/A N/A
Shannock 100% N/A
Slocum 100% N/A
Smithfield N/A 100%
Tiverton N/A
Wakefield 80%
Warren N/A
Warwick N/A
West Kingston 100% 100%
West Greenwich N/A
West Warwick N/A
Westerly N/A
Wood River Junction 100% 100%
Woonsocket N/A
Wyoming 100% 100%