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We have separated the guidance for setting [[Road types/USA|Road types]], and [[Road names/USA|Road names]] into these two respective page for the USA. Please click to see appropriate page.
Around the world there are many local country standards for setting the road types and names. This page serves as the redirection point for each country's road naming conventions (listed alphabetically).
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**[[Road names/Australia|Road names]]
**[[Road types/Australia|Road types]]
*[[How to label and name roads (Austria)|Austria]]
*[[Benelux Roads|Belgium]]
*[[Benelux Roads|Benelux]]
*[[Видове пътища|Bulgaria]]
*[[Canada#Road Types and Names|Canada]]
*[[道路命名|China - 中国]]
*[[Hvordan vi navngiver vejene (Denmark)|Denmark]]
*[[Editointi#Teiden nime.C3.A4minen|Finland]]
*[[Nommage France|France]]
*[[How to classify and name roads (India)|India]]
**[[Penamaan Jalan|Road names]]
**[[Panduan Tipe Jalan|Road types]]
*[[How to label and name roads (Ireland)|Ireland]]
*[[How to label and name roads (Italian)|Italy]]
*[[How to label and name roads (Korean)|Korea]]
*[[Benelux Roads|Luxembourg]]
*[[Benelux Roads|Netherlands]]
**[[México/Tipos de Vialidad|Road types]]
**[[México/Nombre de Vialidades|Road names]]
*[[Nazywanie ulic|Poland]]
*[[Categorii de drumuri şi modalităţi de denumire|Romania]]
*[[Como categorizar y nombrar vias (España)|Spain]]
*[[How to label and name roads (Switzerland)|Switzerland]]
*[[United Kingdom/Roads|United Kingdom]]
*United States:
**[[Road names/USA|Road names]]
**[[Road types/USA|Road types]]
[[Category:Update what links here|Update_what_links_here]]<br/>[[Category:Road types and names|Road_types_and_names]]
<big><big><big>[[Road types/USA|Road types]]</big></big></big><br />
<big><big><big>[[Road names/USA|Road names]]</big></big></big>
== Navigation instructions for unnamed segments  ==
== Navigation instructions for unnamed segments  ==
{{:Navigation instructions for unnamed segments/Conditions|transclude=yes}}
{{:Navigation instructions for unnamed segments/Conditions}}

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We have separated the guidance for setting Road types, and Road names into these two respective page for the USA. Please click to see appropriate page.

Road types
Road names

Navigation instructions for unnamed segments

When Waze gives navigation instructions to "turn", "exit", or "keep" onto an unnamed segment, it will look ahead on the recommended route for a road name that it can use. If there is a named segment further along the recommended route, it will use (inherit) that name in the instruction.

The inherited name is only used in the displayed and spoken instruction prompts, it does not affect the actual name of the segment. Unnamed segments are often used to control instructions on feeder ramps and at grade connectors (AGCs). Please be sure to understand all the ways in which unnamed segments can affect navigation instructions before adding names to unnamed segments or removing them from named segments.

This always works for  Freeways  and  Ramps .

This never works for  Parking Lot Roads  or  Private Roads , As of October 2018

On all other road types (any road type which is not a Freeway, Ramp, Parking Lot Road, or Private Road), this feature only works if:

  1. The combined length of the consecutive unnamed segments is shorter than 400 meters (1,312 feet),
  2. There are 3 or fewer unnamed segments in a row.

To explain the above conditions from other perspectives:

  1. If the consecutive unnamed  Local Street ,  Primary Street ,  Minor Highway , or  Major Highway  segments measured together are longer than 400 m (1,312 ft), or if there are 4 or more unnamed segments in a row, Waze will not show or speak a name in the instructions.
  2. Names are never inherited through unnamed  Parking Lot Road  or  Private Road  segments.