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This app makes it easy to modify or create custom color schemes for your Waze client app, and update the Waze app without the necessity to open or copy schema files.

TWE 1.10.2 for Waze 4

Additional features for this version:

  • Clickable preview map
  • Editable road width
  • Editable border sizes
  • Automatically convert 3.x schemes to 4.x
  • Copy / paste schemes
  • Edit navigation routes (stop routes, shared routes)
  • Manual language choice or system language
  • Import from Gmail attachment
  • Paste skin as URL or text into TWE
  • Compatible Android 4.0.3 - 5.X
  • Incompatible with Android 6.X due to restrictions in Waze


TWE 1.2.1 for Waze 3


Waze 4 schemes to play with