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'''Segment locks''', also known as '''manual locks''', are editing restrictions to the road segments in any country that does not have [[Traffic locks|automatic traffic locks]]. This type of lock is manually applied by a higher-ranked editor to a particular segment of road that needs to be protected from accidental change or vandalism. The more important the road, the more likely it is to be locked.
#REDIRECT [[Editing restrictions#Segment lock]]
Other than the fact that they are manually applied by an editor, they function similarly to [[Traffic locks|automatic traffic locks]]. For an overall description of the various types of editing restrictions, see the [[Editing permissions]] page.
In brief, there are seven locking ranks. An unlocked segment has a lock rank of 1. 1 thru 6 by the editors and a "staff lock" by the Waze Staff. These six locking ranks correspond to the 6 editor ranks of "1 traffic cone" to "6 traffic cones." To edit a segment, its lock rank must be equal to or below your own editing rank. The segment must also belong to one of your editable areas. See [[Editing permissions]] for full details of all the restrictions and how they interact.

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