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The raid will begin on 2018-04-01, 00:00 UTC (8:PM EDT). The raid will last for roughly 14 days.
Please do not make any edits in the raid area until after the raid begins.

MapRaid Midlands SC will be 01 April at 00:00 UTC (8:00 PM EDT) through 15 April 2018. The map raid will be divided into several groups, one for each section. Each group will have both local and senior editors, one of which will be the "Group leader" - listed in blue below. Please direct all questions to your group leaders. The raid hosts will be available across all areas for added support.

You will also be given a super region. Your goal as raiders should be to get your assigned area as complete and through as possible. Please don't edit outside your assign area unless directed to or with permission from a local host.


Our mission is to handle

  • Places
  • URs, MPs, and general map verification

Mapraid managers

Editor Location Roles
xanderb(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Map Raid Organizer BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge GlobalChamp.png
crazycaveman(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Map Raid Organizer Badge LocalChamp.png
ialangford(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Map Raid Organizer Badge CountryManager.pngBadge StateManager.png
jwe252(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Map Raid Organizer Badge CountryManager.pngBadge StateManager.png
uscwaller(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Map Raid Organizer Badge StateManager.png
jbayes(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Map Raid Organizer Badge StateManager.png

About this map raid

Please read the entire MapRaid wiki. If you are still uncertain what to do about something you see on the map, please ask your group leader Thank You for your help with the map.

What NOT to do

Mass Edit
DO NOT perform edits that affect large numbers of segments at once. We want to know who fixed what so we can understand how problems got resolved.
Add wayfinders
If you are 100% certain a wayfinder is needed, please ask CrazyCaveman, ialangford, jwe252, or uscwaller.

Group areas

You have editing access to a super region. Please stay within your assigned group area. If your group area is completely done, your group leader will assign you to one of the other groups for the remainder of the raid. Please use the mapraid overlay extension to keep track of your group area boundaries.

Mapraid UR Rules

We will follow the usual US UR etiquette with one exception: During the Map raid, the wait time is reduced to 4 days.

Do not close URs if the UR contains a tag such as [NOTE], [CLOSURE], or any other [MESSAGE]. Ask the editor who created the tag.

Jct 4 offset align.png


We use micro-doglegs to control turn- vs. stay/keep/exit instructions. Zoom in very close to see the closely-spaced geometry nodes. Preserve them. A TIO can be used instead of the Micro-dogleg but do not spend time of changing any that are already in place.


In South Carolina, all incorporated cities and towns are mapped as cities. City names should only be added to segments located on or within the borders of the city or town.

We also will map some CDP’s (Census-Designated Places) depending on the local zip code. When one goes to the [USPS Zip Code Lookup], one can search cities by zip code. When a zip code is typed into the search, the system will return multiple names. The first name is the Zip Code’s default city, after that other recognized city names, and finally a list of unacceptable city names. If a CDP’s name is the same as a default or recognized city name, it should be mapped to the CDP’s declared boundaries; if a CDP’s name is an unacceptable name or not listed, it should not be mapped.

Some military bases may also be mapped as cities in South Carolina. Do not try to add or remove military city polygons.

No unincorporated communities that are not CDP’s are mapped in South Carolina, regardless of Zip Codes.

For place addresses, the city name should match the name of the city or town it is located in. If located in a CDP that is mapped because of a Zip Code, the place should use that name. If located in a CDP that is not mapped or other unincorporated areas, the place should use the default city of its Zip Code.

Please do not create a new city name without asking first.

Road Types, Names, Speed Limits, and Functional Classification (FC)

In South Carolina, we follow the general US standards for road types based on the hybrid rule of FC and Route Type. All FC is complete in the raid areas. If you find a mistake or a road that might need upgrading please contact your group leader or a SC SM. DO NOT make changes to any road types without asking the group leader or a SC SM first.

Some notes:

  • South Carolina Highways: SC-###.
  • State highway secondary system S-46-18 -- used as alternate name only.
    • The route number is a combination of county code (46) and road number (18)
    • If there is no other name on the sign, then the primary name should be Rd 18
    • If an interstate exit says County Rd 18, it is actually for a state secondary
  • County Road: CR-537, CR-4 are usually not signed. Only use this as the primary name if it appears on signs.
    • If it is called County Rd XXX it is NOT a county road -- it is usually a state secondary route (see above)
  • For SC and S numbers ONLY, use the SCDOT streetfinder
  • You can read more about road naming in South Carolina
  • If a road has more than one name follow the standard for Concurrent names on US roads.

These general guidelines should be used for adding missing speed limits to segments. If you are unsure of a speed limit on a segment(s) do not add it.

  • Speed limits can vary greatly in SC. We have non freeway road types that can have signs for 15mph, 20mph, 25mph, 30mph, 35mph, 40mph, 45mph, 50mph, 55mph, and 60mph. Please look for signs. Many, but not all roads will have a posted speed limit.
  • If there is a posted black and white speed limit sign use that for the speed limit.
  • If a road has no speed limit sign and the absence of a sign can be confirmed in street view use the following:
    • Residential areas - 30mph.
    • Non-residential areas inside city limits - 35mph.
    • Outside city limits - 55mph.
  • Please note many newer residential developments or subdivisions use 25mph for the posted speed and are almost always signed. Also, it can often be difficult to determine residential vs. non-residential in some areas. Remember, if you are not sure, ask the RC, a SC SM, or a group leader before entering a speed limit.

Road Locks


South Carolina Segment Locks
Segment Type Default locks
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  Highest rank of connected segment
 Major Highway  4
 Minor Highway  3
 Primary Street  2
 Street  1
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2


Please bring places up to standard -- correct names, categories, addresses, locations, and remove inappropriate photos. Follow the US standard for places, except as noted below.

Chain Harmonization Sheet

The name spellings in the following sheet have been standardized for chains or franchises so that Wazers will receive consistent results when searching in the client. Please use them when you edit one of these chain or franchise businesses. Websites and descriptions have also been included for many of them. If you have any thoughts on a effective and short description for a location please let us know.
  • Missing Chains
If you don't find the business you're looking for, please use this form to submit the missing information and PM crazycaveman and replace "Place" with the one you added.

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets

  • Use the Place Browser to help you catch possible mistakes.
  • Please lock places to 3 once you have corrected all of the following:
    • Destination point/entry/exit point
    • Categories
    • Address
    • Name

Exceptions to the US standards for places:

The following are NOT mapped in South Carolina:

  • interchanges/junctions
  • water (if a major body of water that is missing from the map, ask the RC or an SM)
  • islands
  • beaches
  • toll plazas

Left Turns

Left turns are allowed unless
a posted sign prohibits the left turn or
there is a physical median (raised barrier or grass median).

Mapping Resources

County Maps

^a Need subscription


We will use Waze Global and MR Server. There is a South Carolina Raid general channel and also a channel for each raid group. Please be sure to join the Discord Waze Global and MR Server and join the channels for the specific MapRaid and group you are assigned to. If you are not already part of the Waze Global and MR Server, Click here to get your Discord invitation. Be sure to choose WazeMapRaid to the MapRaid question. If you have trouble getting into the Discord server, please reach out to one of the MapRaid organizers.

WME chat can also be used. The WME Chat addon is recommended.

Reference Links

The Basics

Recommended Tools for MapRaid

  • UR Comments - a tremendous time and labor saving tool with automation and integration with URO+, to help with working URs. Read the documentation. Tampermonkey / greasemonkey required
  • The WME Reference Sheet[PDF] is a printable double-sided tri-fold quick reference guide to some of the common topics used in WME.
  • WMEMagic is a script that validates the map in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues and provides solutions.
  • WME Chat Addon is a script that improves the WME chat GUI. For a list of all the features check the thread here -- Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey required


Midlands SC Raid
Coordinators: xanderb (PM)  Profile L2.png - crazycaveman (PM)  Profile L2.png - ialangford (PM)  Profile L2.png - jwe252 (PM)  Profile L2.png - uscwaller (PM)  Profile L2.png - jbayes (PM)  Profile L2.png
Username (rank) Team Assigned Comments
jemay(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 1-Aiken BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge GlobalChamp.png
Jm6087(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge CountryManager.png
MrByte_OnTheRoad(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
ramblinwreck_81(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge StateManager.png
Rfrsw101(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge StateManager.png
SanzClew(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge CountryManager.png
SkyviewGuru(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge StateManager.png
uscwaller(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 1-Aiken Badge StateManager.png
Jbrianj(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
juliansean(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
russwd(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
steelpanz(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
cambridgemc(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 1-Aiken
macnewbold(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
tortured1(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 1-Aiken Badge AreaManager.png
Chronos74(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 1-Aiken
MacroNav(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 1-Aiken
NASASK(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 1-Aiken
tp8106(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 1-Aiken
stratmano(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 1-Aiken
Jakflash(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 2-Lexington Badge LocalChamp.png
enembee(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge StateManager.png
ialangford(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge CountryManager.png
JDeLosa(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge StateManager.png
Joerodriguez12(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge StateManager.png
ocstagetech(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
red-nax(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
voludu2(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 2-Lexington Badge CountryManager.png
drudoyle(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
hiroaki27609(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
tinfoilhattie(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 2-Lexington Badge StateManager.png
tykxboy(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
airchair(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
Bestscoutmom(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
buckeyemondo(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
G_W1Z(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 2-Lexington Badge AreaManager.png
TLknows(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 2-Lexington
derrydrivin(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 2-Lexington
fishman729(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 2-Lexington
mvan231(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 2-Lexington
nhmapguy(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 2-Lexington
MBuzzGT(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 2-Lexington
orbitc(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 3-Columbia/Harbison BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge GlobalChamp.png
spankdog(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge LocalChamp.png
xanderb(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 3-Columbia/Harbison BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge GlobalChamp.png
bundlegut(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
dfortney(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
Nimbus-(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
ojlaw(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
XKSpeed(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
apeachypanda(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge StateManager.png
fish1552(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
Rooksie(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
willdanneriv(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
Confedyank(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
EmilGz(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
Happy_Lyn(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
mdswbkq(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
PONinja57702(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
TheRealOrdizzle(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
FalloutRanger(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 3-Columbia/Harbison Badge AreaManager.png
MMikolay(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 3-Columbia/Harbison
Mythdraug(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 3-Columbia/Harbison
taminas(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 3-Columbia/Harbison
Nazairian(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 3-Columbia/Harbison
roadtechie(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 4-Columbia/Camden
FastestBeef(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
fjsawicki(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
jwe252(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge CountryManager.png
ldriveskier(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
LennyNRPD(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
OldDentsideFordLover(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
whathappened15(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge StateManager.png
BLKTRUC(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
kwrigh01(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
westjacksonfd(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
baysidelass(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
burgher_2(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
HuckD(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
Kyhtak(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden
Luke6270(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
nimper2000(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
RodeNinja(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
decktj001(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 4-Columbia/Camden
DrHenryJonesSr(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 4-Columbia/Camden Badge AreaManager.png
dsjrb(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 4-Columbia/Camden
NoahKarateKidlol(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 4-Columbia/Camden
s_cottier(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 4-Columbia/Camden
crazycaveman(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 5-Rock Hill Badge LocalChamp.png
BruceQC(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 5-Rock Hill Badge StateManager.png
dhschneider(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
jr1982jr(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 5-Rock Hill Badge StateManager.png
Kartografer(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 5-Rock Hill Badge StateManager.png
dchary2418(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
RichardPyne(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
SunnyRaynbows(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 5-Rock Hill Badge StateManager.png
tango259(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
ababcock(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
AProdzilla(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
B-ryYKA(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
Huybee3(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
krzycholub(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
mchueby(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill
Nagamasa(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
texasthered(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
mdw19873(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 5-Rock Hill
megg2004(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 5-Rock Hill
MFCoolCool(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 5-Rock Hill Badge AreaManager.png
mmilliron501(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 5-Rock Hill
ehepner1977(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge LocalChamp.png
Ardan74(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
dfw_gis(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
jbayes(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
Joyriding(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
Machete808(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge CountryManager.png
N4DOG(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
dangottschalk(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
doctorblah(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
oldbeeg(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
phoenixhawke(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge StateManager.png
SirGadwall(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
AnorestesX(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
dmee92(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
paulclev(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
Rainman3699(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
YourEvilTwinFTW(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
cparishjr(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster Badge AreaManager.png
emchun5(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster
jushag(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster
peon007(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster
TNVols01(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 6-Fort Mill/Lancaster
bretmcvey(6) [PM] Profile L6.png 7-Military
Michelle-s(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 7-Military Badge StateManager.png
moogonk(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 7-Military Badge StateManager.png
RussPA(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 7-Military Badge CountryManager.png
tcalvert317(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 7-Military Badge StateManager.png
TheChrisK(5) [PM] Profile L5.png 7-Military Badge CountryManager.png
Benenmen(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
bummerdude69(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 7-Military Badge StateManager.png
GeekDriverPeaceful(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
j-d-(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
SpencerFG(4) [PM] Profile L4.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
Alpha_VA(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
D39Andrew(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
ehcool68(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
jalondon628(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
NetGuyGreen(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
NUhomer(3) [PM] Profile L3.png 7-Military Badge AreaManager.png
DaveAcincy(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 7-Military
trafficgeekms(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 7-Military
WayzrBill(2) [PM] Profile L2.png 7-Military
SirAlfredNobel(1) [PM] Profile L1.png 7-Military


Check back here after the raid is completed to see the results and achievements

MapRaid Promotions

Some editors really let their bright side out and let their community skills shine. This is even more evident during a concerted group effort with high-density editing that happens during a MapRaid!. When editors of all ranks work closely with each other and the Champs, this really lets everyone get to know each other, and allows certain editors to be recognized for their skill and effort.

When the Champs see someone consistently editing well, interacting well with the community, and showing knowledge of the various details from the Wiki, they can issue promotions. This can be anything from managed area size increase, to a rank increase, or even a new role.

Watch here for results of promotions during and after the raid.