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Functional Classification

According to the South Dakota Department of Transportation, Functional Classification is described as the following.

Functional classification refers to the type of service each particular road provides the traveling public.

The easiest resource to use for Functional Classification data in South Dakota is the South Dakota DOT Map Viewer and Data Download site.

The chart below is available to relate South Dakota Functional Classification to Waze Road Types.

State Road Reference Chart

SD FC Value FC Qualifier Corresponding Waze Road Type Example
None  Freeway  I-90/I-29
Principal Arterial - Other Freeways and Expressways
Controlled-access highway  Freeway  [None]
Principal Arterial - Other
Non-controlled-access highway  Major Highway  US-81
Minor Arterial
None  Minor Highway  SD-38
Major or Urban Collector
None  Primary Street  W 18th St
Paved Urban Minor Collector
None  Primary Street  CR-102
Unpaved Urban Minor Collector and Street
None  Street 

Lock Levels

South Dakota currently observes the following minimum lock levels for Waze road types:

 Freeway  - 4
 Major Highway  (MH) - 3
 Minor Highway  (mH) - 3
 Primary Street  (PS) - 2

The  Ramp  road type is to be locked at the level of road it serves.

i.e. a ramp connected to a Freeway is locked at 5, a ramp serving a Major Highway, multi-level intersection is locked at 3, etc.

 Street  All others - 1

Note: These are minimums and, for protection, certain segments may be at higher lock levels. Locks should be applied after the segments are correct. Remember you are putting your name on it, make sure it is correct.

Name Normalization

South Dakota will use the following standards for naming:
Interstates - I-xx
US Highways - US-xx
State Highways - SD-xxx
County Highways - CR-xxx (Only if they have no other name)