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Private Road Use in the Southeast

Improper Use of Private Roads

In general, private roads are over-used. It is easier to describe situations where the use of private road segments are not appropriate than to identify situations where their use is appropriate. Before you set a road segment as Private, in the Southeast, understand the following: 1. Connecting multiple private road segments to a segment of any other type does not increase the waze routing penalty for driving across those segments. In other words, connecting two private road segments together does not DOUBLE the routing penalty. In fact, the routing penalty is the same as if there were only one private segment. See the picture below:
Important points to be noted from review of the picture include the following:

  • There is NO Private Road penalty incurred while driving in the neighborhood.
  • Since there is only one way in or out, waze will only route there (regardless of road type) when the destination is inside the neighborhood.

See the photo below for the correct segment type in the same neighborhood. SameCommunityCorrectUseofPrivSegments1.png
Note the lack of private road types in the neighborhood. They are all Parking Lot Road type. The Parking Lot Road type should be used when the roads have no name, and are not a public through route. The private road type should only be used to create penalties to prevent through routing.

Dead End Private Roads

Private roads segments that lead to a 'dead end' are not necessary. If waze routes a U-turn over a dead-end private road segment, it's because there is no other option. Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to set the road segment type as parking lot road (PLR).

Proper Private Road Type Use

The Standard Gate

Standard Gates are the most basic style of private road penalty that is allowed in the southeast. Make sure you understand how to create 'Standard gates' (see picture below)on the waze map. You need to understand the use of both gates and private road segments before adding or changing segments that are private.

Gates are for Residents

Gates are mapped in the interest of the private installation's primary user. This means that for a residential community we map for the resident, for a Industrial complex we map for the employees, and for a resort we map for the guests.

Do not map gates with additional private penalties as waze cannot route them properly. If you feel a non primary function entrance, construction entrance, service entrance, emergency gate, or otherwise should be mapped please consult your Area Managers.

No Through Traffic

"No Through Traffic" situations: If both ends of a street, or said another way, all entries into or out of a neighborhood have signage indicating "no through traffic", standard gates are appropriate as opposed to using all private segments inside the neighborhood.NoThroughTrafficGate.png

Nested Installations

Please consult your area manager, state manager or regional coordinator for mapping nested installations.