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{{AM/Editor|ialangford|5|Los Angeles|Also AM in NYC and SM of SC|badge1=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|MojaveCactusMonkey|5|Las Vegas to Los Angeles|A NV,CT,RI SM / CM|badge1=sm|badge2=m}}
{{AM/Editor|JoshJMM|5|Travis AFB Fairfield|CO Resident CO/NM SM|badge1=sm|badge2=am}}
{{AM/Editor|OhioStMusicMan|5|Bakersfield & Kern County|Ohio SM|badge1=sm|badge2=m}}
{{AM/Editor|SuperDave1426|5|Available statewide (not actively editing beyond Lake Tahoe area, but available to help when needed)|Country Manager, A Nevada State Manager|badge1=cm|badge2=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|DwarfLord|5|Northern California|Semi-retired|badge1=am}}
{{AM/Editor|Cardyin|4|LA and Orange Counties|Also edit in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|GizmoMDK|4|North Monterey County|I like to help out wherever I can}}
{{AM/Editor|turbomkt|4|San Diego County, Los Angeles|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|ababcock|3|Sacramento area|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|Deltamanx|3|San Francisco/Oakland| Local edits: San Joaquin Valley}}
{{AM/Editor|whatnt|3|San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|robertonthego|3|Kern, Tulare and Kings Counties||badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|turbomkt|3|San Diego County, Los Angeles|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|tykxboy|3|Glendale/Burbank/Pasadena|Also AM for Las Vegas (CA-born, Las Vegas-based)|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|AquaZR1|3|Kern, Tulare and Kings Counties|Also AM in Kauai|badge1=AM}}