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* If the OUT segment is an exit, it should be named following the guidelines for an unsigned exit.
* If the OUT segment is a short continuation of the same road leading to another road, name the segment starting with "to" followed by the name of the road to which the continuation leads, following these guidelines:
** {{anchor|no BGS to}}[[File:No BGS To exit.PNG|300px|thumbnail|right]]Where the wayfinder is just before, but not at, the termination of a road, so the continuation OUT segment is named for the road that the continuation leads to at the termination. However you still must travel for a short distance on the continuation of this road until those exits/termination. [[File:No BGS To exit zoom out.PNG|300px|thumbnail|right]]Our example here is a wayfinder on US-1-9 N (Truck), the left OUT is the continuation, however the right OUT also continues on the same road until it intersects with SR-440, with an exit to SR-440 S along this short segment. There are no roadway signs for any of these forks, or exits/terminations. The OUT segment here would be named '''"to SR-440 S / Communipaw Ave"''', and the SR-440 exit will be named following the [[Road_NamesRoad_names#Exit_ramps_and_entrance_ramps_.28on-ramps.29|unsigned exit guidelines]]. However it may be appropriate (if there are no House Numbers, or other on ramps past this wayfinder before it reaches the exit, to leave this entire portion with no name, and the instruction will inherit the name of the next road to which you are going.{{clear}}