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{{UpdatedBanner|otherDate=2015/11/24|otherForum=http[[File://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopicSign Enforcement-cameras.php?f=276&t=127136#p1248120png|otherSection=Adding Cameras}} right]]Waze supports numerous types of enforcement cameras and can provide client alerts when approaching a [[#Approval|validated camera installation]]. Also review the article on [[Map_Editing_Tips_and_Hints#Speed_cams|tips and hints for speed cameras]].
* They tend to be bulky<br />[[Image:RedLightCameraNYC.png|right]][[Image:Rlc_white.jpeg]] [[Image:Rlc_black.jpeg]]<br />[[Image:Rlc_gatso_rlc.jpeg]] [[Image:Rlc_gatso_US.png]]
* They have an external flash (and possibly multiple flash units mounted on multiple poles)<br />[[Image:Rlc_flash_1.png]]
* They have at least some equipment located behind the monitored intersection (there There may be two or three physical cameras and additional equipment on the other (front, rear, side ) monitoring a single direction of traffic flow: these should not be confused for monitoring of more than one direction of the intersection as well)traffic flow. <br />[[Image:Rlc_position.jpeg]]
* They are clearly marked <br />[[Image:Rlc_sign1.jpeg]] [[Image:Rlc_sign2.jpeg]] [[Image:Rlc_sign3.jpeg‎]] [[Image:Rlc_sign4.png]]
=== Shutter Direction ===
[[File:RLCplacement.jpg|thumb|right|Red Light Camera example]]
When the camera icon is selected in the Map Editor, the red dot should point in the direction of travel a car will '''pass''' the camera. It does not matter if the real-life camera will take a picture of the front of the offending vehicle.
=== {{anchor|Adding Cameras}}Adding ===
====From The App====
The ability to report Cameras of all types can be added to in the map from the client applicationApp is no longer supported. You They must be driving past entered from the location of the camera installation (preferably on the correct road and in the correct direction) to issue this report. Once you have submitted the camera report, it will appear on your client screen Map Editor (and yours ONLYsee below). Once that day's drives have been processed by the Waze servers, the camera will appear in the Map Editor where it can be approved. It must be approved for other drivers to be alerted of its presence.
====From The Map Editor====
Cameras of all types can must be added to the map from the Map Editor. Cameras are added by selecting camera from the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Draw_segments_menu|draw segments menu]]. In some countries the US, the ability to add a camera is restricted to editors of advanced rank; see the [[Editing_restrictions#Enforcement_camera_lock|Editing restrictions]] page for details.
=== {{anchor|Moving Cameras}}Relocating ===
== {{anchor|Camera Speed}}Speed setting ==
<!--related: https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Draw_segments_menu-->
The Max Speed for a camera should be set to the speed limit for the road which the speed camera is monitoring.
The Max Speed can also be set for a Red Light Camera if it monitors for speed limit violations as well as red light violation. Leave the max speed set to blank if speed is not monitored. Zero is not blank; a max speed of zero will cause the camera to always generate an audible alert as discussed below.
While a Red Light Camera will always give an alert in the client as a driver approaches, a Speed Camera will always show a pop-up alert, but will only generate an audible alert if the driver is '''exceeding''' the set Speed Limit speed limit as they approach the vehicle crosses an invisible threshold one-half (1/2) mile from the camera's placement. A situation can arise where a camera placed precisely one half mile from an intersection requiring vehicle to slow or stop will not be announced, because the vehicle is traveling at less than the speed limit. In cases like this, editors should consider setting the max speed speed to 0 to alert all drivers approaching the camera, no matter their speed.
| type = important
== {{anchor|Camera Lock}}Lock setting ==
A camera can be locked in the same manner as other map elements like segments or places. An editor must have a rank equal-to or greater-than the lock level to edit or remove a locked camera. In the USA, cameras should be locked to the same level as the nearest segment, with a minimum lock of 2 for cameras that have been confirmed via an on-the-ground visit, or through official sources. For example:
* for a minor highway with a segment lock of 3, a camera should also be locked to 3
* for a local street with a segment lock of 1 or Auto(1), a camera would be locked to 2, the minimum.<br />
| type = protection
| text = The lock levels above are minimums, meaning that cameras may have higher locks. Additionally, there is no need to make a campaign of lowering all camera locks; rather, lowering of camera lock levels should primarily be done when needed to resolve another issue with the camera.
== {{anchor|Camera ApprovalVerification}}Approval Verification==All cameras must be approved in No additional verification or approval is required when a camera is added via the Map Editor in order to appear in the client applicationWME. Once approved, Camera updates will not be seen until the map tiles must be tile is updated for this change to propagate out to the users. However, the approval itself will not trigger To expedite the tile updateprocess, so make sure that some other edit to the nearby roads is made so that perform a [[Map_tiles#Trigger_updates|Trigger Update]] on the same tile will be sure to update.
== {{anchor|Camera Removal}}Removal ==
 Cameras are "locked" to the Editor rank of the approving editor. An editor must be at least the same rank as the approving editor to delete an approved camera. An unapproved camera does not have this restriction. Cameras can be removed in the same manner as other map elements in the Editor -- select the camera and press the trash can icon in the menu bar. An editor must have a rank equal-to or greater-than the lock level to remove a locked camera. Once deleted, the [[map tile update|map tiles must be updated]] for this change to propagate out to the users. However, the deletion itself will not trigger the tile update, so make sure that some other edit to the nearby roads is made so that the tile will be sure to update.
Be sure you have confirmed the camera is not present and if there are multiple cameras in the area, be sure you are deleting the correct one.
| type = note
| text = Unapproved cameras appear in the editor for about three weeks and then are automatically discarded by the system. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend time removing unapproved cameras from the map.
== {{anchor|Legality of cameras}}Legality ==
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