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Junction Style Guide

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The most basic junctions form Basic intersections involve three-way and or four-way intersectionsroad segments meeting at a single point. Some more complex variations resemble bow tiesH or # shapes.
In all cases it is important to configure these intersections properly. Detailed information is covered in the [[Junction Style Guide/Intersections|Intersections]] article.
=== Loops ===
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File:U-shaped Road.jpg|U-shaped road
File:Jct loop bulb.png|terminal or dead-end loop
====Two-segment loops====
Two-segment loops create a situation called "same endpoint drivable segments" or "same connection segments". There are two or more ways to get from one junction node to another without going through any other nodes. They can cause a problem for the Waze app regardless of the direction, or other attributes of the segments. This is because the routing server gives your mobile app a list of node idsIDs only, but the app needs to tell you which segments to drive on. If there are two ways to get from one node to the next without going through any other nodes, then the Waze app might just have to guess. It might guess a detour off the highway through a gas station service road or scenic overlook. Please save Waze from this silliness. Correct two-segment loops.
====One-segment loops====
=== Ramp and interchange style ===
For guidance on the proper configuration of ramps, interchanges and wayfinders, see [[Junction Style Guide/InterchangesInterchange]].
== Special Cases ==
Before the current house numbering system came into use, transition nodes were used to aid in house numbering, but that is no longer required.
There may be existing transition nodes on the map for other reasons like remaining after a connecting road is deleted, inherited from to the original base map import when rivers and streams created junctions, etc.
As long as you are '''certain''' it is not a valid transition node, a superfluous junction node may be [[Map Editing Quick-start Guide#Delete a Junction|deleted]]. Doing so will simplify the map, eliminate turn restrictions to maintain, and reduce computing resource needs. Also consider removing the [[Creating and editing road segments#Adjusting road geometry .28nodes.29|geometry node]] which will replace the junction node you delete, if that geometry node is not needed.
Conversely, if we do NOT want an exit instruction at the end of a freeway, ensure there are no road segments extending past the final exit, to ensure the final exit is the only path out of the final freeway segment.
==== Fake ====
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=== Offset Roads ===