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Sample Letters
Hi,<br />
I see you are editing around the ________ area. Thanks for helping. I would like to welcome you to editing and offer you to join other editors in Ohio. We communicate in Google Hang Outs (GHO)s and Discord, and share tips, news and tools that make editing and asking for down-locks easier.<br />
In the meantime please read these two pages:<br />
<nowiki></nowiki><br />
<nowiki></nowiki><br />
If you would like to pursue joining with us, just read the below link and click the link contained in it below to join the GHO Great Lakes Region (Google Hang OutGLR)Discord server.Then join the Ohio Channel on the left side list of Channels<br />  <nowiki></nowiki><br /> 
Hope to see you editing,<br />
===== WME (Waze Map Editor) =====
First thing in the Editor, select the “gear” icon and enable the first two checkboxes, then change the language to US English:
[[File:WMESettings-SettingsRR.png]]<br />
===== Scripts and Extensions =====
The most common and supported browser is Chrome with Firefox a close second. <br />
If you are using Chrome , the scripts are managed by [ <u>TamperMonkey</u>]. <br />
If you are using Firefox they FireFox, the scripts are managed by [ tampermonkey <u>GreaseMonkeyTamperMonkey</u>]. <br />
Which ever one of these is appropriate TamperMonkey should be installed prior to the scripts.
The first two are extensions one is an extension in Chrome at least, I don't know about Firefox. <br />
WME [[Scripts/WME_Toolbox|<u>Toolbox</u>]]<br />
After Toolbox is installed it will add several things to the WME editor. At the top next to the Places Map Comments Icon will be a picture of a toolboxwith the word <b>Toolbox</b>.
If you hover your mouse over it, a menu should open. Select the following options:
[[File:Ron-Toolbox-settings.jpg]]<br />
Toolbox also loads a toolbar that is usually at the bottom but it is moveable, place it where you want. Toolbox also shortens the [[Permalink]] or PL, for better usage when requesting down-locks and up-locks. Then You can refresh your screen by selecting the chain links in the bottom right cornerand left clicking. The chain links also give you the [ <u>PermaLink</u> ] (PL) infoby hovering over the links and then clicking CTRL-C. WME [ <u>Magic</u>]<br />This will validate edits and other general best practices of the map. Ohio settings for lock levels, and other state specific settings are already loaded in Magic.
WME [ <u>Validator</u>]<br />
This will validate edits checks map features for errors and other general best practices of the maphighlights them or can make a report that is clickable.
'''Temporary Fix to Get WME [ <u>Ohio Specific Scripts</u>]<br />These are Ohio Specific. Validator Working'''settings for Ohio are included in these scripts.<br />There is another set of Region Specific scripts that can be found at the [ <u>GLR Specific Scripts</u>] <br />Each of these scripts adds a tab that has its settings under it.<br />
Once you have installed ValidatorTo assist with editing places use [ <u>Place Harmonizer</u>], you will need to install the following script into Tampermonkey:<br />
A pretty complete list of scripts can be found [ Validator Fix Script] Then you will need to set it to Position #1: 1) Go To '''Tampermonkey Dashboard''' 2) Click '''Installed Userscripts''' Tab 3) Click On '''Waze Map Editor - Validator Fix''' 4) Click On '''Settings''' 5) '''Set Position to #1''' 6) Hard Refresh in WME WME [https:com/wiki/ Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools <u>Ohio Specific Scriptshere</u>],<br />These are Ohio Specific and the Ohio Localization runs with Validator for our lock levels and other differences, FC and more.
A pretty complete list of scripts can be found [ in Discord, initiate a DM with the Community Bot and type this in,_Extensions_and_Tools <ui>here!scripts new editor</ui>],you will get a list of suggested scripts for new editors.It will work from the Ohio Channel but it is private if you do it in the Community Bot.<br />
===== Request a Lock Level change =====
==== Big Detour Prevention (BDP) Explained by Bill473 ====
{{mbox|type=caution|text=This section was written in 2015, when the over-application of detour prevention caused routing errors. Due to changes to the algorithm in 2017, these types of problems no longer occur, but now detour prevention can be under-applied, so understanding how it works is still important in resolving routing problems.}}
''The following was originally presented by Bill473 as a training aid to satisfy the BDP requirement to attain R4 rank for both of us. Bill has made changes based on feedback from PesachZ and TerryPurdue but remains responsible for any errors or omissions. If you have suggestions to make this better, please contact either [ Ron] or [ Bill].''
Here's the [ LiveMap link] to the area.
====<u>Waze Turn Instructions and When, Why They Occur</u>====
<i><b> 9/21/2017 at 9:26 PM – Waze USA Server, TTS Channel</b></i>
<b>sketch (6)</b>
So, there are a maximum of 4 prompts and a minimum of 1 (really 0)<br />
I usually call them the 1st, 1.5th, 2nd, and final prompts.<br />
1.5th might be better thought of as the “long distance reminder” prompt.<br />
The reason I call it 1.5th is it was added a year or so later than the other three, which I’d already established names for.<br />
The first question: how long until the next turn?<br />
Is it imminent? If so, you only get the final prompt. “Turn right on Main St”.<br />
If the next turn is not imminent, you get the first prompt.<br />
Then it asks, how far until the next turn?<br />
If it is fewer than 7 km, you get the distance-based first prompt. “In 3.2 miles, turn right on Main St.” or “in 900 feet, stay to the right on Regular Rd”.<br />
If it’s more than 7 km, you get the time-based first prompt, which not only is time based but also has a different structure.<br /> “Continue straight for 25 minutes to Main St.”.<br />
The time based 1st prompt does not include the actual movement instruction. It doesn’t say “turn left” or “exit right” or anything like that. It also doesn’t say the name of the road you’re on.<br />
The first prompt is given a few seconds after the previous prompt, or at the end of the ramps if the previous prompt was onto a set of ramps and the next movement is past the end of the ramps.<br />
So, that’s the first and last prompt. That might be all you get!<br />
The next prompt you might get is the 2nd prompt.<br />
The decision whether to give the 2nd prompt is based on both distance and speed.<br />
If the 1st prompt was more than 2 miles away, when you get to 2 miles away, it asks, are you going faster than 150 km/h (93 mph)?<br />
If so, it says “in 2 miles, turn right (on Main St.)”<br />
Whether or not it says the name depends on how long ago was the first prompt. I haven’t nailed this down but it’s on the order of a few minutes, if not, it says nothing.<br />
If the 1st prompt was more than 1 mile away from the turn and it didn’t give the 2nd prompt at 2 miles, it asks, are you going faster than 90 km/h (55 mph)?<br />
If so, “in 1 mile, turn right (on Main St.)”; If not, no prompt.<br />
If the 1st prompt was more than 1/2 mile away from the turn and it didn’t give the 2nd prompt at 2 miles or 1 mile, it asks, are you going faster than 70 km/h (44 mph)?<br />
If so, “in half a mile, turn right (on Main St.)”; If not, no prompt.<br />
(I can’t remember whether the low speed 2nd prompt is still “in a thousand feet” or “in a quarter of a mile” but they’re roughly the same, ¼ mile is 1056 ft)(edited)<br />
If the 1st prompt was more than ¼ mile away from the turn and it didn’t give the 2nd prompt at 2 miles or 1 mile or 1/2 mile, “in a thousand feet, turn right (on Main street)” or “in a quarter mile, turn right (on Main Street)”, I forget which.<br />
Oh, you thought it was over?? <br />
So, that’s the 3 prompts you normally hear.<br />
There’s also the long distance reminder prompt, which you get only if it’s been a while since the first prompt (15 or 20 minutes I think).<br />
It is given at the point where you are five minutes from the next movement, but it is given in distance terms.<br />
It asks, “next movement is in 5 minutes, has it been 15 or 20 minutes since the first prompt?”<br />
If yes, “in 5.3 miles, turn right on Main St.”<br />
That’s everything ASSUMING there isn’t a “then”<br />
<b>enembee (5)</b>
And if there’s a “then”?
<b>sketch (6) </b>
okay fine
<b>RonRover (5) </b>
For the decision on the 2nd prompt is 93MPH correct?
<b>sketch (6) </b>
The speed thresholds of the 2nd prompt are 150 km/h (93 mph), 90 km/h (55 mph), 70 km/h (44 mph)
<b>voludu2 (5) CM</b>
In my case, this happens, for example, here:
route #1, approaching the "keep right" (which is actually an exit right in the app)
<b>voludu2 (5) CM </b>
At half a mile it said "In half a mile exit to Pottstown pike"
When I got there, it told me to exit right
<b>sketch (6) </b>
So yeah the 1st prompt doesn’t include the direction for an “exit” for some reason,
maybe because it dates to the time when there was no such thing as an off-side “exit”.
Before TIO, exit always meant exit right in the US.
Another thing about the first prompt, if it’s between 1 and ¼ mile to the next turn, it rounds to the nearest quarter mile.
You have 0.79 miles between movement and by the time the 5 or 10 seconds have passed since the previous turn, it’s too late for ¾ mile, so you get the first prompt at half a mile.
That’s a design flaw now so I will see if I can get it fixed.<br />
[ Here] is a flowchart of this information for another perspective, prepared by Kent Smith (kentsmith9)