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Pennsylvania/Mapraid Basemap

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 When: <br />'''MapRaid Philadelphia June 2015Start:''' September 17th (Sunday)will be '''7 June at 17End:00 UTC ''' September 25th (1Monday)<br />'''Registration FORM''' (Will be closed on:00 PM EDT'''September 12th''') through 14 June 2015 '''Communication:'''DiscordApp ''(You MUST be in Waze MapRaid Discord to be able to edit in this MR - No Discord...No Area....No exceptions)''The group will be divided into 5'''GOALs:''''''* Improve Basemap''' (Primary goal)groups, one for each section. Each group will have both local * Improving routing and senior editors, one of which will be navigation within the "Group leader" - listed in blue belowdesignated area quickly and efficiently. Please direct all questions * Solve / respond to your group leadersUser Reports. The raid hosts will be available across all areas for added support* Updating pending “Places”.  
==Mapraid Host==
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