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→‎Entering HOV restrictions: format wordsmithing
# Select the applicable vehicle type
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' only private vehicle and taxi are currently available selections in the app {{as of|2017|11|lc=yes}}; you can add other allowed vehicle types motorcycles, bus, public transportation, electric vehicle, etc for future compatibility. Waze Staff states that prohibited rules (eg for vehicle types) should not be added as a restriction if they may conflict with an allowed rule until we are notified that the programming is changed to handle such conflicts.}}
# Click the {{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#78AFBE|{{color|Add|white}}}} button in bottom right corner
# Repeat for any additional HOV restrictions required for the segment(s) selected
# If the HOV lane is open to all traffic for the rest of day, then no other time restrictions are required (traffic travels in the same direction rest of the day)
#* Add the appropriate time restrictions for when the original direction is closed
#* Select '''"prohibited"''' in '''Driving is _____ for''', and leave '''"Any vehicle"''' selected: [[File:Driving_prohibited.PNG|center|500px|border]]
#* Add the appropriate HOV restrictions for the opposite directionas explained above at the end of the [[#Enter/exit anywhere HOV|Enter/exit anywhere HOV]] section.
#* Add the appropriate time restrictions for when the opposite direction is closed
#* While entering restrictions, remember there is often a transition time gap between traffic direction reversals to prevent collisions
# Select the applicable road segment(s)
# Click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1|Add restrictions''' }}Add restrictions}} button# First restriction popup screen appears[[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|250px|border]]
# If no toll is required for HOV, then skip to step 6
# If a toll is required for HOV vehicles, then select the '''toll attribute''' in bottom left corner (ex. I-93 N's HOV / Express to Airport / S Station in Boston, MA)
# Select the appropriate direction ('''A>B''', '''B>A''', or '''TWO WAY''') on the popup screen
# Click the '''apply''' {{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#78AFBE|{{color|Apply|white}}}} button in the bottom right corner
# Second restriction popup screen appears[[File:I-66E_AM_HOV.PNG‎|center|200px|border]]
# Select '''Entire segment''' in the '''Applies to''' section [[File:Applies_to_box.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# If '''toll attribute''' is already selected, then skip to step 16
# Remember toll attribute must not be selected to be able to properly save a toll free TBSR
# Select '''toll free''' if free for HOV vehicles, restriction's background color should change to blue[[File:Driving_is_allowed_for_toll_free.PNG|center|500px|border]]#Select '''Minimum passengers''' by clicking the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#A6E3F1|style=border-radius:.95em;| +'''  }} on the blue add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear[[File:Toll_Free_initial_drop_down.PNG|center|500px|border]]# '''At least 2 passengers''' is added[[File:Toll_Free_Min_Pass_initial.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Select number of passengers required by clicking the ''' {{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#A6E3F1|style=border-radius:.95em;|At least 2 passengers''' }} and a drop down menu will appear with selections for '''At least 3 (/ 4) passengers'''[[File:HOV min passenger drop down.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# If toll free, then skip to step 24
# Click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#A6E3F1|style=border-radius:.95em;| +'''  }} again while remaining on the same restriction as the number of passengers to select '''Requires a pass'''# '''Sunpass''' is added to the restriction line[[File:HOV Pass Sunpass.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#A6E3F1|style=border-radius:.95em;|Sunpass''' }} area , and a drop down menu will appear with available companies, passes, and permits [[File:Toll free drop down pasess.PNG|center|200px|border]]# Select the applicable transponder company / pass # Click '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#78AFBE|{{color|Add''' |white}}}} button in bottom right corner# Click '''{{Button|format=bold|Save''' }} icon on the light blue waze Waze bar
# If HOV lane is only for part of the day, Open to all rest/part of day, or Reversible lane then set appropriate prohibited restriction(s)[[File:Driving_prohibited.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# Make sure one restriction period is added for the segment(s) then add additional restrictions till all appropriate times are added for one direction