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=== Description===
====Connector Type====
Currently in the Electric Vehicle World there are multiple types of connectors for charging electric vehicles , which are not universally compatible. Listing the connector type in the description field is critical to allow drivers to pick the correct charging station. The most common types of charging connectors are: J1772, J1772 CHAdeMO, NEMA520, J1772 COMBO, CHAdeMO
* ''J1772 Connector''
====Public or private====
If not open to the public, please indicate any restrictions that may exist preventing access to the charging station
* ''Private - Employee Use Onlyemployee use only''
* ''Payment to park required''
=== Resources ===
* [ DOE Charging Station Locationscharging station locations]* [ Maryland Charging Station Locationscharging station locations] === Forum ===* [ Forum discussion]