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A '''partial restriction''' is entered on a segment or a turn restriction. A partial restriction is often referred to as a '''time-based restriction''' ('''TBR'''); specifically as a '''time-based segment restriction''' ('''TBSR''') or '''time-based turn restriction''' ('''TBTR'''). They are used to allow or to restrict certain vehicle types to be routed or prevented from routing on that segment or turn. The TBSR or TBTR means the segment or turn will tell the routing algorithm that some '''vehicle type(s)''' are forbidden or allowed on a segment or turn; or some or all vehicles are forbidden at '''certain times, or on certain days or dates''', or both; that certain special types of travel are allowed.
Note currently only private car , taxi, motorcycle, and taxi electric are allowed to be selected in the app; therefore restrictions preventing trucks or buses from a segment or turn do not have any effect in the app. Setting a segment to be a bus only segment will prevent any user from being routed and is the equivalent of a prohibited all private cars and taxi restriction.
Partial restrictions are often used for bus lanes, turns that are forbidden during rush hour, segments that change direction for morning and evening rush hour, bridges and ferries that are only available during the day, and roads that are closed in winter.
In some cases, the turn (typically left-hand) may simply be difficult to make at certain times of the day due to uncontrolled intersections during heavy traffic periods. The difficult turn should not be installed where there is a traffic light or a dedicated left turn lane.
For big road-closing events such as marathons and parades, please see [[Mega eventsMajor Traffic Event]] For construction-related traffic closures, please see [[Real time closures]].
== Overview ==
===Segment restrictions===
The segment restriction method changed in 2017. Some attributes changed location in the editor and some new ones were added.
====Selecting a segment====[[File:Add_restriction1.PNG‎|thumb|right|50px]]====Selecting a segment====
#Select a segment so that the name appears to the left of the map editor.
#Select the yellow '''Add restrictions''' radio button (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected.
* Note the directionality of the segments - two neighboring segments can be with different A->B directionality. In one of them the A->B direction can be eastbound and in the other it can be westbound at the same time.
* When multiple segments are selected with different restrictions set on them, they will appear in a different section of the panel under the title: 'These restrictions only apply to some of the segments selected:' Click the ‘Apply to all’ link to the right of the restriction line to propagate the restriction to all the selected segments.
* There is a bug that the developers are working on where when several segments are selected that have a mix of A>B and B>A segments then one way restrictions may not be entered properly. This occurs on both one way and two way segments. So be very careful that they are saved properly. For one way segments, if the restriction is entered in the opposite direction of the road then the restriction coloration will not show on the segment. It will be saved in the reverse direction and can be removed and then properly entered. This occurs when copying restrictions to multiple segments or when entering new restrictions.
== Turns ==
Time Based Turn Restrictions (TBTRs) are used when only certain turns are partially restricted from one segment to another. If the turn is always restricted for all vehicles then use a red turn restriction; TBTR TBTRs are not to be set to 24/7for all vehicles. TBTRs are used to only restrict certain hours, days, dates, and/or certain vehicle types.
=== All turning traffic restricted at all times Turn restrictions ===
Turns that are restricted to all set up for traffic flow or restricting traffic (all vehicle types) are set with '''turn arrows'''—the arrows that appear at the end of a selected segment. A restricted turn is indicated by a red arrow with a red ''do not'' sign next to it (upper left arrow in picture below). A partially restricted turn (TBTR) is indicated by the yellow arrow (lower left right arrow in picture below). A turn that is open (not restricted) '''to all traffic''' is indicated by a green arrow. A TBTR is indicated by For two way segments, there are u-turn arrows that follow the same color indications. Hover over either a green or yellow arrow and a grey box pops up with a yellow "do not" sign next to it that particular turn's turn instruction override selection, the turn restriction selection, and the difficult turn attribute selection (upper right arrow in the picture below)[[Global/Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Junction_arrows|Turns]] [[Image:Lotsa turns.jpg]]Above the grey box is a label for turn to name of segment (if named) or "no street" (if unnamed).
[[File:Lotsa turns5.png|500px|center]]
=== Scheduled turn restrictions ===
When not all times, days, dates, or vehicles are restricted from turning, you can set a scheduled turn restriction from one segment to another. Turns that are restricted to all traffic during certain times of the day periods are "time based turn restrictions". Restrictions can either prohibit or allow vehicles by time, day, date, or type.
[[File:DC TBTR exampleexample1.PNG|center|150px300px|border]]
[[File:TBTR hover3hover4.PNG‎|right|150px|border]]
To enter a TBTR:
# Select one segment
# Hover over a '''GREEN''' or '''Yellow''' turn restriction arrow
# Two icons appearGrey box appears[[File:TIO drop down.PNG|150px|right]]#* a) A clock "VOICE PROMPT" for a TBTR#* b) A speaker for a the [[Turn_instruction_override|Turn override instruction]]is listed on top#* b) "RESTRICTIONS" for the TBTR is listed in the middle#* c) "DIFFICULT TURN" for the Difficult turn (DT) attribute is listed on the bottom# Click the clock icon "Waze Selected" area to select a turn instruction override and a drop down menu appears# Click the first "Add restrictions (or Edit restrictions)" icon to add a TBTR and a popup window appears.#* a) If "Add restrictions" is selected then a popup window goes directly to TBTR attributes[[File:First TBTR first pop up .PNG|center|300px|border]]#* b) If "Edit restrictions" is selected then a popup windowwith a summary of existing TBTR(s) is displayed; click the '''Add new''' radio button to get to the attribute popup window where you can add another TBTR[[File:TBTR Summary Popup.PNG|center|300px|border]] # Note Click "Yes" to select the Difficult turn (DT) attribute box in or "No" to deselect the lower left cornerDT attribute; the [[Partial_restrictions#Difficult_turn|Difficult Turn]] is described below# Click on the '''Add newSave''' radio button under icon on the grey Waze bar to save any changes {{mbox|text=''If the description turn restriction is part of a junction box and there is one or more alternate route within the turnjunction box, then a '''SWITCH ROUTE''' line will appear between the second popup window appearsrestrictions and difficult turn lines. Please see [[File:TBTR second pop up window.PNG|center|150pxJunction_box#Switch_route_selection|borderSwitch route selection]]for description of this feature.''}}
====Second TBTR pop-up window attributes====[[File:I-66E_AM_HOVSecond TBTR Popup.PNG‎|right|200px|border]]
The second line will display '''Turning from [original segment] to [destination segment] is restricted on'''. There are several attributes that can be selected for the restriction:
=====Restriction types (Allowed/Prohibited)=====
This is where the two main '''Types''' of restrictions are selected that appear on the first pop-up window. Since only Allowable and Prohibited are used, Toll free is not selectable.[[File:Restriction Typestypes1.PNG|right|150px|border]]#The three Restriction two restriction '''Types''' displayed are:#*'''Allowable'''#*'''Toll freeallowable''' (not selectable)#*'''Prohibitedprohibited'''
#Restriction '''Types''' are added as '''Lines''' under the applicable direction of turning.[[File:TBTR lines.PNG|right|200px|border]]
#Restriction '''Lines''' contain '''Rules''' which are constructed here on the second pop-up window
#Only one vehicle type can be selected per Restriction '''Rule'''
#If no vehicle type is selected then Waze defaults to have the restriction applicable to all vehicles
#If there is more than one vehicle type that needs a restriction then clilck click '''Add a new rule''' and then the '''+''' and '''Vehicle type''' till all applicable vehicles are added as a separate '''Rule''' in the one Restriction '''Line'''[[File:TBTR allowable two veh types.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# Click '''Add''' button in bottom right corner of the second pop-up window
# For '''Prohibited''' restrictions you get to enter one '''Rule''' and mark all the prohibited vehicle types at the same time in the same rule.[[File:TBTR prohibited.PNG|center|500px|border]]
#Select '''Only''' to be able to pick what vehicle type(s) will be prohibited
#Note '''DO NOT''' select conflicting restrictions. There is no prioritization of the restrictions which is why it is advisable to only use Allowed '''OR''' Prohibited TBTRs but not both together on the same turn.
# Click '''Add''' button in bottom right corner of the second pop-up window# Click '''Apply''' button in bottom right corner of the first TBTR summary pop-up window
# Click '''Save''' icon on the grey Waze bar
=== Difficult turn ===
Note the Difficult turn (DT) attribute box in the lower left corner of the first TBTR popup window[[File:TBTR first pop up window.PNG|center|150px|border]]This setting tells the routing server to add a [[routing penalty]] to the turn, meaning when calculating the time to reach the destination, this turn will include extra time so that other routes are more likely to be selected if this turn is only marginally better than another nearby route. The user enables this option by selecting "Reduce difficult intersections" within the "Navigation" section of the "Settings".
A turn can be considered difficult for many reasons including but not limited to the following:<br />
#A left/right turn where there are stop signs at all paths of travel
#A left turn where there is a dedicated left turn lane even if left turn lane is not an at-grade connector (AGC) (car is protected and if time to turn is long algorithm will pick up)
{{mboxConsult with your State Manager to see if there is any criteria for when to add a difficult turn. Overuse of difficult turns will significantly affect routing. Entering difficult turns on every left turn along a stretch of the road negates the attribute's intention since all have the same penalty. This would cause a much longer route with several right turns around an area to come back to the destination or have it so that each turn is equally penalized, which is the same as no turns being penalized. Some regions or states may even have typical times for difficult turns to be added during rush hour, that may be similar a locality's no turn restrictions. ==== Adding/editing a difficult turn ==== Difficult turns are recognizable by the lined shading on either allowable turn restrictions (green arrows) or time-based turn restrictions (yellow arrows) whether through a node or a [[junction box]].[[File:DT striping TRs.PNG‎|center|type=caution200px|border]] To add a difficult turn restriction:[[File:Difficult turn pop1.PNG‎|right|text={{As of200px|May 2016}}, border]]* Hover over any green or yellow turn arrow for the difficult first turn interface pop up (gray box ) to appear* Select the '''DIFFICULT TURN''''s Yes attribute* If it is not desired to have a 24 hour every /7 penalty applied for the difficult turn, then click the white clock icon to the right of '''Yes'''* The second turn interface pop up (Edit restriction) will appear[[File:Difficult turn pop3.PNG‎|right|200px|border]]* Add the time, day setting and not related , or date restriction similar to the [[Partial_restrictions#Scheduled_turn_restrictions|TBTR instructions]] above* If there is already a restriction either *# Click the '''Add new''' radio button to add another restriction*# Click the '''>''' at the right of the existing restriction line to modify the current restriction*# Click the '''trashcan''' to any other time-based delete the current restriction(just to the left of the > when you hover over the area)[[File:Difficult turn pop4. That may be something available in PNG‎|center|400px|border]] After a DT has a TBTR set then the display changes to have a blue background on the future but not at this timeclock.[[File:DT pop TBTR set3.}}PNG‎|right|200px|border]]