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Segment speed tracking: wordsmithing etc
=== Segment speed tracking ===
Each As part of the HOV/Express Lane process, Waze computes a maximum of two separate road speeds per segment can only have two speeds trackedduring the merge process. While the Waze editor interface allows the addition of multiple single-lane restrictions (e.g. Mapping , HOV left lane, regular traffic center lane, and Bus for right lane can be saved but ), the merge process does not work support three different speeds on the processing enda single segment. Avoid mapping Thus, please do not add more than two speeds one single-lane restriction on any segment.
Speed measurements are gathered per lane, not per vehicle type—for example, an HOT or Express road segments that have Toll segment allowing both toll free and tolled traffic in the same lane are treated as gathers only one set of average speed measurement - even though two different groupings of data. This makes sense, as vehicles are allowed in that the lane. The vehicles are traveling together as one a single pack/herd and move together and should be considered as one speed measurement. ThereforeIn other words, it is permissible to map Toll free and allowable (tolled) the complexity of restrictions for the left in a single lane does not matter—as long as only one single-lane and regular traffic on the other lanes restriction is permissible in WMEused, speed data will be collected properly.