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==Wiki Contributions==
[[User:Kartografer/Map protection]]first wiki editing attempt to clear up some formatting and add throttle info
[[User:Kartografer/Roundabouts/USA]]rewrite of the section on understanding navigation instructions, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Road types/USA]]info on upgrading connecting roads for road type continuity, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Prewritten messages]]messages for new editors
[[User:Kartografer/Basemap]]wrote a new page on basemap, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Map Comments]]new global page, pending indefinitely
[[User:Kartografer/Map comments]]new local page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Scheduled reconfigurations]]new local page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Hospital]]small draft revision
[[User:Kartografer/Closed place]]new section on closed places, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Airport]]new page, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Military base]]draft on capitalization
[[User:Kartografer/Interchange]]rewrite of JSG/Interchanges including new geometry and TIO info, '''approved for USA'''
[[User:Kartografer/Wayfinder]]split from JSG/Interchanges, '''approved for USA'''