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→‎Selecting multiple segments: clarified selection criteria
* One way is to select the first segment, then use {{key press|ctrl|click}} (MAC users:{{Key press|command|click}}) to select additional segments.
* A second way is to use multi-select mode. Use the [[Keyboard shortcuts|shortcut key]] {{Key press|m}} to enter multi-select mode. {{Key press|Click}} each segment to add or subtract it from the current segment grouping. To exit multi-select mode, press {{Key press|m}} again.
* To select all segments between two other segments, first select a segment, then use {{key press|alt|click}} (Linux users:{{Key press|ctrl|alt|click}}) to select a second segment. The editor WME will add to the selection group select all the segments in-between the first and second segments, based mostly on the street name, but also on simple straight linesleast number of segments and limited to 25 or less segments.
* To select all segments within a box use {{key press|ctrl|shift|click}} (MAC users:{{Key press|command|shift|click}}) and then drag the cursor while holding the mouse button to form a box. When the mouse button is released, all the segments in the box are selected.
* Segments having the same primary name (street, city, state) can be selected using the "Select entire street" function. See the description in the [[#One or more segments selected|One or more segments selected]] section for more information.