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There are expanded options for the layers as well. As shown at the bottom of this section.
===== Satellite imagery =====
Waze uses aerial and satellite photography provided by Google.
===== Cities =====
Changing the name of the city for a road is done through the WME interface documented in [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Segment Edit Detail|segment edit detail]]. If after fixing the city names you still have incorrect city boundaries, review the article on [[Smudged city#Updating the city layer|Updating the city layer]].
===== Roads =====
Roads are all of the streets, alleys, highways, and freeways which make up the drivable street system in Waze. Depending on the [[#Zoom Control|zoom level]], some street types are not displayed so that the map is not too cluttered.
===== {{anchor|GPS points}}GPS tracks =====