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New York/UR Project/Brooklyn

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|<span style="color:green">'''Start: TBD Aug 11, 2018 00:00'''</span> |<span style="color:red">'''End: TBD Oct 06, 2018 23:59 '''</span>|-|colspan="2"|Congratulations team! The Brooklyn phase is now in maintenance phase.
==NY UR Project takes Brooklyn==
Brooklyn is the third phase of the [[New_York/UR_Project|New York UR Project]]. For general information about the entire project, please refer to the [[New_York/UR_Project|project page]].
==Project Statistics==[ For more details, see the Project Stats spreadsheet].{| class="wikitable"|-| &nbsp; ! 8/11/2018! 10/6/2018|-! URs | 3033 || 305|-! MPs | 220 || 189|}
== Goals ==
# Use URs to find and fix the map
;[ New York State Email]
:Ever wish the UR reporter could email you images or more information? The New York State editing community has set up an email address - - to make this easier. If they include your username in the subject line, someone (Dude495 or JDelosa) will forward it to you. If you '''[ sign up]''', the account will autoforward the emails to you. The New York editing community feels that this step takes very little effort and occasionally yields fantastic results. Give it a try whenever you think it might help. (The NY Community strongly recommends you include this email somewhere in your closing response before marking any UR as ''Not Identified'')
;[https://wazeopediagreasyfork.waze.comorg/wikien/USA/New_York/UR_Projectscripts/Brooklyn 370857-wme-brooklyn-ur-project-overlay Brooklyn Groups Overlay Script] (Coming Soon): See the your group's area and borders in WME (Many thanks to MapoMatic and Dude495)<!-- ;Brooklyn UR Browser:Showing all the URs in the Brooklyn project areas. This page was created just for this project. The bar at the top is not limited to local data. -->;[https://wmebrgreasyfork.infoorg/en/scripts/370837-wme-ny-ur/urs_on_cities.php?state=New%20York&country=United%20States Lists of URs by -project-timer NY countiesUR Project Countdown Timer]:Including Adds a count down timer to the left panel of your WME window to the start of each phase, once the current phase beings the timer will change to the time remaining.;[https Group .php?state=New%20York&country=United%20States&city=wkt files for Brooklyn&new=true New (no response)], [https://wmebrGoogle Drive folder containing each groups .info/ur/urs_on_statewkt file for the URMP Script.php?state=New%20York&country=United%20States&city=Brooklyn&withresponse=true Waiting for Editor] and ;[ Ready WMEBr - NY UR Project]:Custom WMEBr page specifically for Reminder / Close],the NY UR Project including each individual phase groups. (Thank you ronsek57)
== Groups ==
These are the group assignments for this phase of the project. In order to help with project-related statistic collection, please do not begin in your new area until the start date.
<div style="float:right;">'''Right-click your group number to start WME in your group area'''<br /><br/>
<!-- image to use with imagemap [[File:Brooklyn.PNG]]
[ pubhtml?gid=279955957&single=true Groups]<br/>
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<tr><th> Username</th><th> Rank </th><th> Group</th></tr>
<tr><td>Jdelosa</td><td> 5 </td><td>7</td></tr><tr><td> sikemever</td><td> 4 </td><td> 6</td></tr><tr><td> juliansean</td><td> 5 </td><td> 3</td></tr><tr><td> XC_runner18</td><td> 2 </td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td> dhschneider</td><td> 5 </td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td> Chronos74</td><td> 2 </td><td> 3</td></tr><tr><td> derrydrivin</td><td> 2 </td><td> 1</td></tr><tr><td> jr1982jr</td><td> 5 </td><td> 5</td></tr><tr><td> SpencerFG</td><td> 4 </td><td> 4</td></tr><tr><td> Dude495</td><td> 4 </td><td> 7</td></tr><tr><td> GeekDriverPeaceful</td><td> 4 </td><td> 8</td></tr><tr><td> russblau</td><td> 5 </td><td> 6</td></tr><tr><td> Machete808</td><td> 5 </td><td> 1</td></tr><tr><td> LennyNRPD</td><td> 5 </td><td> 7</td></tr><tr><td> Mjraneri</td><td> 1 </td><td> 6</td></tr><tr><td> That_One_Tall_Guy</td><td> 1 </td><td> 7</td></tr><tr><td> krzycholub</td><td> 3 </td><td> 4</tabletd></tr><tr><td> firefighterdude</td><td> 2 </td><td> 5</td></tr><tr><td> Rfrsw101</td><td> 5 </td><td> 8</td></tr><tr><td> Madcatvt</td><td> 3 </td><td> 2</td></tr><tr><td> tenetienne </td><td> 3 </td><td> 8</td></tr><tr><td> jushag</td><td> 2 </td><td> 6</td></tr><tr><td> be8el0ve</td><td> 3 </td><td> 3</td></tr><tr><td> Joyriding</td><td> 5 </td><td> 6</td></tr><tr><td> RodeNinja</td><td> 3 </td><td> 3</td></tr><tr><td> whoaitspete</td><td> 5 </td><td> 2</td></tr><tr><td> BC21620</td><td> 2 </td><td> 8</td></tr><tr><td> EmilGz</td><td> 4 </td><td> 1</td></tr><tr><td> todaresq</td><td> 2 </td><td> 2</td></tr><tr><td> Br3m3n</td><td> 2 </td><td> 7</td></tr><tr><td> BummerDude69</td><td> 4 </td><td> 3</td></tr>
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