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== Conditions for application ==
When Waze gives navigation instructions to "turn", "exit", or "keep" onto an unnamed segment, it will look for a name it can use. If there is a named segment {{u|further along your route}}, it will use (inherit) that name in the instruction. ''Named segments connected to the unnamed segment which are not part of your provided route, are not relevant.'' The inherited name is only used in the displayed and spoken instruction prompts, it does not affect the actual name of the segment. '''This always works for {{Freeway|Freeways}} and {{Ramp|Ramps}}.''' {{As of|January 2015}}, on all other road types (any road type which is '''not''' a Freeway or Ramp), this feature only works if:Navigation instructions for # The combined length of the consecutive unnamed segmentsis shorter than 400 meters (1,312 feet), <br /Conditions}}>'''AND'''# There are 3 or fewer unnamed segments in a row.  To explain the above conditions from another perspective:If the consecutive unnamed segments measured together are longer than 400 m (1,312 ft), or if there are 4 or more unnamed segments in a row, Waze will '''NOT''' show or speak a name in the instructions.  
== Side effects ==