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== Finding Information==To start with, a lot of the subdivisions I find, I find just driving around. I take an interest in it, and we're off to the races. === Take a drive ===Take a drive around the new subdivision. I don't even write down street names, at this point. By the time they have LGSs up, the county will have the plat for you. Jot down the name of the subdivision, based on signs you see--the builders are usually really good about this. === Look up the plat ===You should be able to find the plat by the subdivision name on the [ County Clerk's site]. Use that to tidy up the map and smooth out your drive lines from the driving around, get streets named, and all the intersections and speed limits set up. === Oh, you CAD! ===The county appraisal district will get to the plots at some point--check the facet maps for the freshest data, but if it's someplace that you still don't have sat imagery for, to get the lot lines, you'll probably want to wait until the GIS data shows that. === GIS ===The CAD has Parcel data downloadable, and you'll need the .shp file to feed to ArcGIS Explorer. That'll give you the lot lines. Copy the chunk of the map to the clipboard, paste it as a GIF using your gif tool, and make sure the color you chose for your backdrop is set for transparency. Then use WME Image Overlays to overlay your GIF on the roads. Tidy up roads, if you still need that, and get HNs in place. === Final cleanup ===Once the sat imagery updates for the subdiv, you can do a final check on the roads, and make sure your HNs are attached properly on the house and road.