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Naming of ramp forks should generally follow the guidelines from [[Road names#Exit|road names]], but there are multiple ways to handle all the signs present at each junction.
===== Using information on the signs directly =====A simple way to name the ramp segments in ramp forks is to name each ramp segment with full or abbreviated information shown on the signs leading into it. This will provide a static set of instructions for users as they travel on each segment, regardless of what their further movements will be. This is especially appropriate when a single sign is present at an exit, but multiple signs with different information are present farther down the road. ===== Using road name inheritance =====[[File:RampforkMUTCD.png|thumb]]
Another way to name these ramp segments is to use name inheritance. If a ramp is unnamed ("no name" box checked), the name of a subsequent ramp on the route will propagate backwards in navigation instructions. This is useful both for the sake of simplicity and for giving more specific instructions to traffic at exits with ramp forks. If an unnamed ramp is used at an exit and subsequent named ramps are used after the fork, drivers will only see the name of whichever side of the fork they need to go to before they exit the highway. This method will provide more sufficient notification of an approaching decision point than a named exit ramp would, and it should be used as long as the names of both ramp forks are visible on signs at the start of the initial ramp. If an exit ramp has multiple lanes with a sign or part of a sign over each lane, using this method can even function as a form of lane guidance. If the example on the right from the MUTCD were mapped using name inheritance, the ramp exiting I-42 would not be named. The ramp that goes to I-17 southbound would be named "Exit 36: I-17 S / Portland" and the ramp that goes to I-17 northbound would be named "Exit 36: I-17 N / Miami." This would produce the following instructions:
*# at the exit: exit right to Exit 36: I-17 N / Miami
*# at the fork: keep left to Exit 36: I-17 N / Miami
Note that even though the exit number is by design not shown on signs at the ramp fork, it should be included in the names of the ramps for proper instructions at the exit. If signs at the ramp fork differ more significantly from signs at the exit, a different method of naming should be used. ====== Name inheritance, but signage on consecutive signs are different ======[[File:PseudoWF.png|thumb]]
If separate or split signs exist for traffic at an exit, but the signs at the ramp fork differ significantly from them, such as being further split or showing additional route numbers or control cities, the following method can be used: